Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin Mr. Jack Plotkin is the Chief Technology Officer and creator of Virtual Health, a SaaS platform that integrates numerous information that assists medical teams, social workers and other people that is involved in the health care system to keep abreast of patients in real-time.

As a youth, Jack Plotkin attended public school in California, where he was a little timid, until one of his elementary teachers observed that Jack had skills, he did not know he had. She encouraged him and this attention helped boost his self-esteem. As the years progressed, several other teachers supported Plotkin’s capabilities and told him, in essence, to do your best and aim high to reach your full potential. He appreciated this advice.

After high school, Jack Plotkin enrolled in Harvard University, where he would study business and technology. He joined Wall Street after graduating, here he would become a consulted to Fortune 500 companies, in which he would direct them in their transactions, advise them on business ventures and strategies. Plotkin would deal with billions of dollars in the process.

Later on, Jack Plotkin decided he wanted to pursue personal projects, so he built a successful online publishing company and advertising service. Afterwards, he established his own financial firm that worked with new companies and ones that have been in existence for many years. Known as an authority for providing solutions for multiple organizations, many corporations seek Plotkin out for helping to resolve their issues.

Jack Plotkin

Virtual Health is one of the companies that Jack Plotkin has assisted with designing an infrastructure for helping the medical community and others keep tabs on their patients. Through incorporation, healthcare professionals can now monitor their clients’ health, behavior, billing statements and even know if they require transportation to their doctor’s appointments. Overall, with this type of system in place, there is a lower chance for individuals to make an error.