Isabel Dos Santos Speaks About Women Empowerment

Isabel dos Santos is a business woman born in the year 1973 the month of April. She is the eldest daughter of the former Angolan president Mr. José Eduardo dos Santos. Isabel has so far been ranked as one of the most influential ladies around the globe. She pursued her bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from King’s college in London. She is also recognized as one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in Africa. She leads the top most telecommunications company in Angola. She gives a hand in both economic and infrastructural developments and the deployment of the current and updated technology. This has led to the establishment of thousands of job opportunities in Angola. She is also involved in several other industries such as Finance and entertainment (BBC).

Isabel dos Santos has also incorporated a considerable amount of efforts and time to various aspects of development. Development is a very crucial issue especially in Africa. Many entrepreneurs in Africa are advocating for change from the people. Isabel dos Santos addresses development by stating that career, Education, value of economic development, power of long -term commitment and wisdom from struggle are some of the factors that determine the developments in a region. Isabel reveals that she has gone through various struggles in life that have acted as an inspiration to her.

Isabel dos Santos spoke at the UN Debate about the economic empowerment of women. She believes that most prominent entrepreneurs in the world are of the African race. This is because Africa has a spirit of entrepreneurship. She further states that the issue of stigmatizing female employees as one of the factors that lowers the morale for entrepreneurship. This has been a major hinderance to women when it comes to achieving their dreams in life. Isabel dos Santos believes that this mentality can be changed and the women can be empowered so as to achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

Isabel dos Santos states that women should be given economic freedom through various ways such as offering training, establishment of various employment opportunities and overcoming stigma.

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