Isabel dos Santos: Find and Recap Articles (Portuguese to English)

For female entrepreneurs with African roots like Isabel dos Santos, being a billionaire in your mid-40’s puts a person in a small group of people. Indeed, Isabel dos Santos’ was not born in Africa, but in Azerbaijan. Isabel’s mother, Tatiana Kukanova, was from a Soviet-ruled country. During the very early part of the ’70s, Isabel’s father, José Eduardo dos Santos met Tatiana Kukanova at a time when the US was much less wealthy, especially when the USA and the USSR were in a Cold War.

As the elder sibling in her family, Isabel has made the most of her opportunities in the business world. Indeed, very much considered a worldly woman, Isabel has worked with business people as well as many groups of individuals, which has helped opened even more doors for you. Moreover, Isabel has worked with the government of Angola, which borders Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and also Namibia. Indeed, Angola, which is a West African nation, was one run by Isabel’s father, José Eduardo dos Santos for almost 40 years.

Because of José Eduardo dos Santos’ long reign as president, which ended in 2017, Isabel dos Santos was able to be the head of Sonangol, an oil firm located in Angola that was state-run. However, Isabel was not the one in charge of Sonangol very long after her father relinquished presidential power in Angola. Due to a new Angolan president taking the helm, Isabel was not able to be the head of Sonangol after 2016.

But, Isabel dos Santos has had plenty of business successes to ameliorate this drastic role change regarding Sonangol and Isabel. Indeed, she is on a mission to build a new telecommunications infrastructure for the whole of Africa. And she has spoken to many groups at universities like Yale and in Europe before specific governmental entities. Indeed, this new infrastructure that Isabel is drumming up interest in could also be helpful for the people of Angola. Isabel has had plenty of experience in the telecommunications sector with her position at Unitel, which is a telecommunications firm situated in Angola.

As a female billionaire with a zeal for new initiatives, the future — according to Isabel dos Santos — could be quite bright for many in Africa with her vision.

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