Isabel dos Santos and Trials on the Road to Success

Isabel dos Santos has investments in both Africa and Europe. She owns among others the companies Landscape and Urbinveste. Tweeting about a decision by the Angolan executive to withdraw a contract given to Urbinvest for construction in one of Angola’s suburbs. She made clear that the reports that they had been involved in over-invoicing were untrue. Over-invoicing takes place when a company bills the client for more hours than hey worked or write invoices with prices higher than what they plan to charge the client.

She pointed out that the executive had no grounds for cancelling the contracts whether due to cost or the amount of work that was going to be done. Adding that the claim that they had not been transparent during the contract period was equally inaccurate. The company had been moral and forthright throughout the contract period and such accusations were not founded in solid fact. Isabel do Santos in her tweet also pointed out that the prices that they had provided were the lowest as compared to the cost of similar works in countries like Indonesia and the United, Arab Emirate.

Silicon India News acknowledged Isabel dos Santos contribution to the empowerment of women in an article that listed 3 other World’s Most INcredible Female Leaders. The article praises Isabel dos Santos’ initiatives in the various companies to empower women including her work at Sodiba, Unitel as well as ZAP. The article also points out that her work with women in the rural areas to established strawberry farms has gone a long way to empower women.

Her interests in helping the less fortunate is made more clear in the programs that have been put in place at Unitel. Employees are involved in these programs that are meant to help the less fortunate. The company works with institutions like schools as well as hospitals and the Unitel Social Responsibility Program has more than a thousand volunteers.

About Isabel dos Santos

Isabel is Africa’s richest woman and the daughter of former Angolan President Jose Edoardo do Santos. She is married with three children. Isabel dos Santos attended the King’s College in London.

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