I Have Just Found Out Unexpectedly I Am Pregnant? How Do I Tell My Boss At Neurocore Without Compromising My Career?

This one is for the ladies. Finding out that you are pregnant can be an unexpected joy. Now you have a lot to think about, including what is going to happen at Neurocore. You worry that your boss might not be so joyous about the news. You worry that someone else might start taking your projects because they feel you cannot handle it now. You worry about how you are going to fit your work life in with raising a child. You have a lot on your plate, right? Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

I have a few tips that may put your mind at ease about telling your boss.

1) You will have to change your plans somewhat. There is no way you can carry on with the workload you have now with a newborn. You also need to consider how long you intend to work before taking the time off. Talk to some of your co-workers who have had a baby at Neurocore. Ask them how the boss received the news. Ask them how things have changed for them. Factoring in what their experiences will help you determine when and how to tell the boss. You will need to tell your boss at Neurocore, but timing is everything.

2) Your boss should know your plans in advance. Tell them how long you plan to work. Tell them you will give your all before you take a leave of absence. Let your boss know you do plan to return, and then give him the details on that.

3) Do not use the pregnancy as an excuse to receive preferential treatment at Neurocore. Some women do that. They want the extra attention.

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A For Instance

I knew this one guy who did shows outside of his place of employment. He made the assumption that he would be the center of attention and that his duties would be lighter. He thought that everyone would make a fuss over him. He was wrong in so many ways.

It is similar to a pregnant woman making her situation a one-woman show. You may have a list of things you cannot do now, according to your doctor. However, you cannot let it affect your abilities to do your job. Do not let your blessing interrupt business-as-usual at Neurocore. Visit Patch.com to know more about Neurocore.


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