How EOS Was Developed

About 10 years Aho, Mehra found himself in a position to further his career. Having worked for huge companies like PepsiCo, he knew he could do so much more. He asked for the guidance and help of Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller, both of whom were known for their amazing success in the world of startups. Mehra wanted to focus specifically in the beauty department because of the million dollars spent on it every single month worldwide.

They have found that one specific category that was worth the shot was the world of lip balms and chapsticks. They noticed that every single product known for being chapstick was always the same skinny shaped product that’s existed since the early 1900’s. It was such an old product that definitely needed an upgrade, and with the help of designers, they created a successful brand called Evolution of Smooth that had a uniquely shaped design that made it so different. Not only was EOS lip balm shaped differently, but it was one of the first set of chapsticks that actually had good and healthy ingredients inside of it.

It took time for the brand to actually get the product in stores because every store they approached had men at the forefront of the defining factor and most men weren’t keen on having a new chapstick join their store. One day, a woman who had been the gatekeeper for Walgreens found the product useful and put it in stores everywhere. Online stores like Amazon and eBay sell EOS products too.

They did very minimal traditional advertising; it was the unannounced influential marketing that helped get the brand going. They gained tons and tons of unique success because a certain amount of YouTubers and Facebook bloggers had gladly talked about the brand across all of their online platforms. It opened doors and gave them so many great chances to achieve some serious traction.