How Bob Reina Has Been A Friend To Homeless Animals

The Tampa Humane Society has had a lot of work to do to give abandoned pets a home, and thankfully they were just given $1 million in gifts this last year from Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina. Reina has adopted many pets himself, but his big house can’t accommodate any more he said. So he’s helping the Tampa shelter and animal rescue teams provide for the animals’ basic needs. It’s not been uncommon for Reina to help friends in need who needed veterinarian services for their pets but couldn’t afford them. Now he hopes his gifts will encourage others in the community to give towards the animal shelter’s endeavors.


Bob Reina has been the CEO of Talk Fusion for over 10 years, and he became interested in the multilevel marketing industry that Talk Fusion is based in some 20 years ago after retiring from law enforcement. Reina had wanted to do something with a multilevel marketing company that could be sustainable as opposed to coming and going like other companies he had worked with. In 2004, he came up with the idea to send videos in emails when he was unable to through AOL’s services. By 2007 his program had been developed and several other newsletter and chat software followed. Today Talk Fusion runs a comprehensive product suite that’s distributed through associates.


Reina introduced Talk Fusion University not long ago to show associates good ways to market Talk Fusion’s video programs. Associates who can meet monthly sales goals and refer a certain amount of people to the program have a lot of expensive rewards they can win. There’s also the free trials that customers can enroll in without needing a credit card. And if an associate wants to support a charity the Talk Fusion way, they can now donate a monthly account to one charity of their choice.


Bob Reina represented Talk Fusion at the Technology Media Corporation’s Product of the Year awards ceremony in 2016 for an improvements made to its live chat app. He also is an author for the Huffington Post and MarTech Advisor. And when he’s not busy, he’s probably out walking his dogs. Learn more: