HGGC Beefs Up Brain Trust As It Powers Forward

The Silicon Valley private equity firm HGGC co-founded by an NFL Hall of Famer is beefing up its lineup of talent as the company rides an ever growing portfolio and deal making that has experienced a doubling in volume over a five-year period.

HGGC was co-founded in 2007 by Steve Young, the superstar quarterback who led the San Francisco 49ers to three Super Bowl victories in the 80s and 90s. Joining Young in the formation of HGGC was Gregory M. Benson, Richard Lawson, Jon M. Huntsman and Robert C. Gay.

Today HGGC reports an aggregate transaction value of more than $12 billion. That sum represents some 60 individual investments and 46,000 portfolio company employees. The firm focuses its efforts on middle-market companies. It works a strategy of leveraged buyouts, growth equity investments and recapitalization.

Co-founder Richard Lawson currently serves as CEO. He makes the observation that computers and high technology are invading every aspect of the way business is done in America and the world. However, there are still many companies that are lagging behind where they should be in terms of engaging high tech to bolster the way they do business and compete.

Common examples of sectors where high tech tends to be lacking are car dealerships, grocery stores, insurance sellers and marketing firms. That’s just to name a few. If these entities expect to move into the future, they must be brought up to date and incorporate softwares, hardwares and the fundamental logistical processing that can bring about transformative change.

HGGC has been in the news recently for new blood joining the team. They include Colin Phinisey who has come on as a principle who will work on capital market efforts. Phinisey is formerly director of the leveraged finance group at Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. He was also senior financial analyst at Wachovia.

Another heavy hitter joining HGGC is Christopher Guinn as executive director. He formerly led acquisition integration for Ply Gem industries, a Golden Gate Capital portfolio firm. He also served as CFO for Atrium Corp. and Neways International. Both are also Golden Gate Capital companies.