Heiligenstein and The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

In an editorial published September 3, 2015, The American-Statesman, makes the argument that traffic is on the rise in Austin TX, and that the use of better technology will be a major part of the solution. In response, The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, lead by Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein, released an article that shows several examples of how they agree.

Two of the roads that the CTRMA has built, have already shown improvements in traffic congestion. They stress, however, that building new roads is not the only way that they can find solutions and improve traffic conditions. The U.S. 290 and the 183A, have been built with future technology in mind. They were built with fiber cables throughout, that the CTRMA hope will be implemented in smart-car and smart-road communications. The goal is to be better able to predict traffic as well as circumvent any potential driver related problems.

In addition to building toll roads, and equipping them with the latest in technological advancement, the CTRMA also encourages alternative means of transportation like walking or riding a bike. As such, they have included several foot and bike paths along they road projects they are working on. This includes a pedestrian bridge that goes over the MoPac Expressway. They are also partnered with a carpooling company called, Carma, that encourages more people in the area to share rides.

The CTRMA also offers free roadside assistance to people who encounter minor problems while commuting. This is done to reduce the amount of time drivers are forced to stop or slow down, thus easing the congestion on the roads they cover on patrol. This is done by the Highway Emergency Response Operator program, or HERO.

Mike Heiligenstein has a Masters degree in Government, as well as a Masters degree in Business Administration. He serves on multiple board of the Texas Transportation Institute among others, and is a graduate of the University of Texas. Heiligenstein has been the Executive Director of the CTRMA since he was elected by committee in 2003.


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