Glenn Schlossberg Brings Fashion to the Future with Jump Design Group

Designing fashion that is quick, on-trend, excellent make, and distributed by a wide range of retailers is no easy task. The Jump Design Group helmed by New York Fashion Institute of Technology alum Glenn Schlossberg endeavors to accomplish all of these goals with their fashion design work. Glenn Schlossberg founded the company in hopes of taking on all of these goals to bring the fashion industry into the future.

Glenn Schlossberg is not a stranger to the fashion industry. He’s familiar with the industry as far back as childhood. His father was a dressmaker and made quality clothing. Glenn Schlossberg has seen the work his father has done and wishes to create mass production of clothing while maintaining the quality of clothing that his father produced. That was his drive to start up Jump Design Group.

Jump Design Group has been functioning as a business by visiting fashion shows for trend ideas. They gather trends and then consider which ones will most likely sell. Then those ideas are brought to domestic designers who craft the ideas into clothing. Those clothing items take about a month to be made and then can be sent to companies that are partnered with Jump Design Group for sale. Jump Design Group works with Macy’s, Zappos, and all sorts of different retailers that are both online and in stores. The stores work with Jump Design Group because they know the company stays on trend and aims to always have quality products.

Glenn Schlossberg has made a name for his company by establishing the connections with these fashion retailers and ensuring that the company is respected by those in the industry. The brand has put a lot of focus on their work by establishing clothing for women who want to have fast fashion that is still made of quality materials. Glenn knows that women today are in need of clothing to keep their style up to date and modern in the workplace and durable to handle being worn regularly for working professional women. Jump Design Group pays more heed to the trends that women are wearing since they have a more significant range of products that they can wear and generally have more trends than men have.

Jump Design Group are becoming a new fashion company that is redefining how the clothing of tomorrow will be created and designed. The fashion world is a difficult landscape to manuever, as it is constantly changing. The Jump Design Group is aware that it has to constantly change to stay up to date in the fashion world of tomorrow.