Following The Career Trajectory Of Marc Beer Shows A Consistent And Repeating Pattern Based On Success:

A Consistent and Proven Track Record


The track record of Marc Beer is one that has been proven consistently over his career that now goes back thirty-plus years. He has become one of the most successful leaders of business in the world of pharmaceutical sales and medical tech development and has shown that he can problem-solve on an expert level. From the beginning of his career in business, Marc Beer has shown a natural skill when it comes to the entrepreneurial field and he has combined that skill with a whole lot of knowledge and extensive experience. He has also picked up a lot of respect among his peers and is recognized for his generosity.

Kickstarting A Career With Impressive Zeal


Mark Beer received a strong supplement to his own natural skills as an entrepreneur when he attended college at the University of Miami. There is no doubt that his bachelor’s degree in business has served him well as it has been used in concert with the abilities that he has always had. Once he graduated, Marc landed a position with a Genzyme. This growing pharmaceutical sector business served as an ideal place for Marc Beer to ply his craft. He made a big impression working for the firm in the are of sales and marketing. With his rapid success, he ended up leading the Genzyme Department for Global Marketing. The marketing campaign that Marc Beer led in this role was instrumental in helping countless people around the world to attain access to the valuable pharmaceutical products that the firm produced. It would be the start of a long career of Marc helping others through his success. Learn more:

The Next Phase – Founding His Own Company


The confidence and experience that Marc Beer gained from his time at Genzyme were ideal in preparing him to found a business of his own. This occurred in 2000 when he launched the company known as ViaCell. This biotech firm did significant work in the field of research on umbilical cord stem cells and by 2005 was taken into the publically traded sector of commerce. Marc Beer sold in 2007 for a price tag and $300 million and was poised to head onto his next venture but it was around that time that fate dealt him a family tragedy. 

A Big Comeback and A Continuing Effort To Make A Difference


The tragedy that hit Marc Beer and his family was the death of his wife. This unfortunate circumstance took him out of the business life for a while and left him focused squarely on his family for the time being. It was actually his daughter that convinced him to get back on the horse and to continue to follow his passions. After a time, Marc Beer decided to found another company that could make a difference for people and he co-founded the Renovia company with a focus on coming up with innovative pelvic floor disorder treatments.

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