Explore The Biggest Accomplishments of Nitin Khanna in the last 21 Years

Nitin Khanna is a tech entrepreneur based in Portland, Oregon. Since 1998, the Indian-born businessmen have created an extended financial history, involving in several projects.

Who Is Nitin Khanna?

Nitin Khanna started his entrepreneurial journey before 1098 as with a consultancy and education role in Oracle Corporation, an organization selling database management systems and other enterprise software products.

Nitin Khanna Company History

After the first years of experience working with Oracle, Nitin Khanna becomes the co-founder and chairman of a tech organization, Saber Corp. The corporation established around 1998 would receive several awards and recognition due to its rapid development.

This company works on the commercialization of PC utility services of local networks. After being acquired by EDS (Electronic Data Systems), Saber Corp became the fastest growing company in Oregon in 2006 and 2007.

Nitin Khanna has become an expert in the technological and STEM field. He holds a master in Engineering degree from the Purdue University of Portland and is an experienced tech manager and advisor.

Nitin Khanna & Merger Tech

Merges and Acquisitions Advisory is the most representative firm that Nitin Khanna has founded. The business specializes in selling tech companies as well as creating partnerships among their financial buyers.

As an M&A advisory firm, MergerTech has provided advisory services to tech entrepreneurs across the globe for the last 21 years under the leadership of Nitin Khanna.

Overall View Of Nitin Khanna

We have seen the huge value that Nitin Khanna created in the technology-based industry, but his business ventures also expand to other sectors.

Khanna has funded Curacann, a cannabis distribution company where he was an active investor until 2018.

Cura Cannabis Solutions specializes in the high-quality production of CBD, a substance produced in the hemp seeds which provides excellent clinical benefits. The process requires sophisticated preparation facilities, which is why Curacann partners with other companies in the sector to meet the quality standards.

Nitin Khanna also worked on another tech project as the President of Maxonic, a group focused on technical business consulting. Nitin’s history also includes three firms he exits successfully: Meridian, Geoloqi, and Cloudability.

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