Evolution of Smooth: How EOS Outdid Chapstick and Became the Best Selling Lip Balm

Almost everyone is familiar with EOS lip balms (or Evolution of Smooth, as the company is properly called). They are orb-shaped, pastel-colored containers of fantastic smelling and unique lip balms. And they are everywhere. From the aisles of drug stores, Ulta and big box stores to celebs’ purses and beauty blogs, EOS lip balms are everywhere.

But little was known about how EOS came onto the market and became a massive success in such a short period of time – until now. In this exclusive interview with Fast Company, the company founders reveal some of the secrets of their strategy and their success.

Lip balm has been sold, packaged, and marketed the same way essentially since it was invented more than a century ago. Clinical and usually unisex, lip balm nearly always comes in little, cylindrical tubes, or, occasionally, round tins.

To mix it up, the founders knew they needed to come up with a new form of lip balm without creating a gimmick or a passing fad, and so the iconic EOS lip balm orbs came to life. Designed to engage all five senses, the EOS container utilized shape, color, smell, and even texture to provide a new experience.

Another key aspect of their success was selecting a target demographic – in this case, millennial women. While women are the primary purchasers of lip balm, the product is oftentimes marketed as unisex or only sort of at women. EOS, however, knew they wanted to market their product to women and made efforts to engage with women via multiple channels, such as social media and blogs.

In just seven years, EOS has become the second best-selling lip balm brand, surpassed only by Burt’s Bees, and the company is expected to continue growing in the future.

To read more about EOS and the company’s rise to success, find the full interview here. To learn more visit the EOS website.