Entrepreneur Bhanu Choudhrie Shares His Experiences In Multiple Industries

Bhanu Choudhrie was born and raised in New Delhi, India. After completing his secondary education he became a student at the University of Boston in America. His degrees were in marketing and international business. He had an internship at JP Morgan and then chose to move to the United Kingdom.  Follow the link marketwatch.com

He soon founded C&C Alpha Group in London. This is a company that invests in other companies across an array of different industries such as hospitality, real estate, and healthcare. Bhanu Choudhrie established this firm in 2001 and is its executive director. His investments include award-winning hotels in India and care homes located in the United Kingdom.

He serves on the board of directors for two banking organizations, Atlantic Coast Bank and Citizens Bank. Bhanu Choudhrie is a philanthropist as well and has provided money to many not-for-profits. He is also the director Path to Success. This not-for-profit, established by his mother, helps people in India gain access to education and disability accommodations. Their primary focus is on helping women with disabilities.

11 years ago he was presented with an award at the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards. He was named Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2010 this organization once again recognized his leadership by giving him their Outstanding Achievements In Public Life award.

Bhanu Choudhrie says that he is really interested in the industries he invests in. it all comes down to the people he meets in these industries such as talking with them at different events he attends. One industry he is particularly proud to have been involved in is the airline industry. In 2003 he invested in Air Deccan which at the time had only a single plane. When he sold his interest in this company in 2008 this airline had 200 flights a day and over seven million passengers to date.

When he invested in Air Deccan people took trains between different destinations. He says these train trips could take up to three days while an airline could fly between the two cities in a few hours. He ended up opening up airline travel in India when people saw how much time they could save. Continue reading  https://www.acq5.com/posts/gamechangers/it-s-time-to-unleash-the-power-of-youth-capital/