Doe Deere Uses Morning Routine for Better Work Experience

Doe Deere has been extremely successful in the time since she has been a beauty blogger. She now runs her own makeup line, Lime Crime, and works to make a difference in the makeup world. She is what is known as a product disruptor and has created major change in the world of makeup. What was once dominated by pale pink and three shades of beige now has bright colors and electric blue lipstick. Those who do not subscribe to the traditional standards of beauty are able to take Lime Crime and make a look that suits their personality. Doe Deere likes to look her best according to her instead of according to the standards that the rest of the beauty industry has in place. Because of this, she does everything that she can to try and make sure that people are able to get what they need out of the different experiences in makeup.


When it comes to the makeup aspect of her morning routine, most would think that she spends a very long time getting ready. This is not the case, though. Her makeup routine is actually just a small portion of her morning. Instead, she focuses on doing different things like contemplating her business and coming up with new ideas for products. Despite the fact that she doesn’t check emails in the mornings, she is always working on her business to make it better and bring major improvements to it.


Doe Deere has trained her body to get up exactly when she tells it to. She attributes this to the fact that she has a great time clock but she has also worked hard for this. Currently, she has herself trained to wake up at exactly 8:30 every day. She does all of this without the help of an alarm clock so that her morning is much less traumatizing than what most people are able to stand in the mornings. After she wakes up, she always starts out with a glass of water. This, combined with a perfect 9 hours of sleep, is what she attributes her clear skin to.


After her water, she stretches and enjoys looking out her window. She checks her calendar and makes her plans for the day while thinking about what she can add to her product line. She says that she does all of her most creative thinking in the morning. Then, Doe Deere is ready to get dressed and do her makeup for the day. She starts with L’Oreal foundation and finishes with Lime Crime products. Depending on the look that she is planning on going for that day, she can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to get ready.


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