Doe Deere Thanks America For All Her Opportunities

It was not that long ago that the founder of Lime Crime and Poppyangeloff was actually homeless living in a shelter. She and her family left Russia to come to America when she was a teenager. Doe, like most people, was under the impression that the possibilities were endless in America. She, her mother, and sister packed up and headed to New York City in search of a better life.


The family knew it would be a struggle to make it in the city, but they had some money and a strong work ethic and were ready for a new journey. However, they quickly found out that it was going to take more than that. Doe’s mother could not find a job as an accountant, even though she had education and experience. To make ends meet, Doe’s mother would clean apartments, and Doe would care for the neighbors’ pets. Their money eventually ran out, and the family was forced to enter a homeless shelter.


During the next six months, they waited in lines for meals and food. The family would continue to work and save their money. Doe had dreams of being a fashion designer and would spend time putting her ideas down on paper.


The family finally caught a break when they were introduced to a woman named Dorchen Leidoldt who was the director of Sanctuary for Families. The organization’s goal was to help immigrant women. It was through Leidoldt that Doe’s mother was able to find an accountant’s job. Leidoldt was also able to get Doe into the Fashion Institute of Technology and her sister into Columbia University. In 2000, the family was settled into their own apartment in Harlem and things were slowly looking better for them.


In 2008, Doe founded her company Lime Crime. Even though she would never wish her hard times on anyone, it was those times that have made her the woman she is today. Only in America can a once homeless young lady become a CEO of her own business.