Doe Deere: Substance AND Style

The always stylish and glamorous Doe Deere, notorious founder of Lime Crime Makeup, allows fans and consumers a glimpse into what her life looks like in an expose done in Savoir Flair about her morning routine. The young and successful fashion trailblazer comments on various areas of her typical morning, ranging from how much sleep she gets to her balance between creativity and business. Making time for health, business and enjoying her life seems to be a juggling act Doe Deere has the hang of.

An interesting avenue she explored when asked about her morning routine was her exercise, sleeping and eating habits. While admitting that she is not “the most athletic person”, Deere says that stretching makes her body feel better. The fashionista also said that 9 hours of sleep per night is what is healthiest for her and gave examples of health-conscious breakfast choices that are high in fiber.

Deere also mentioned that she likes to stay connected to her colleagues via group chat so she is well informed of the agenda and tasks of the day before she arrives at the office. She also said that she prefers to focus on the creative at the beginning of the day, so she tries to balance the amount of digital media she consumes right off the bat. However, the young style guru does admit to indulging in a good cup of morning Instagram!

Along with being business and body mindful in the AM hours, Doe Deere also cultivates her creativity and quality of life. She says that her favorite part of the day is still putting on her makeup. She revealed that she enjoys listening to her favorite music at this time of the day. Deere also said that she enjoys taking time to gaze out the window and enjoy her cats. All of these relaxing methods of enjoyment help to stimulate her creative thinking, an attribute greatly responsible for her success in developing and enhancing individualistic styles that are cruelty free.

It appears as though the fashion-forward Doe Deere is attempting to put the style with the substance as she journeys through corporate and creative landscapes. Her priorities and demands are apparent, even just by looking at how she spends a fraction of her day. One thing is for certain, her sense of individuality and dedication to excellence, both in product and in person, are with her no matter where she is or what she is doing.