Dick DeVos Contributes a Million Dollars to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

In 2013, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Center embarked on a fund-raising campaign that aimed to raise $125M. The donations were for the construction of a pedestrian bridge that linked the riverfront pavilion to the main center. The management had ambitious plans to build three new spacious pavilions. $25M was to be set aside to fund programming initiatives. The expansion project at the Kennedy Center also envisioned the construction of extra dining, educational, and office spaces. Four years later, the Kennedy Center announced that it had surpassed their fundraising targets by a whopping $10M. The JFK center seeks an extra $50M to address the ballooned costs.


Major Donors


The project received a huge boost in 2013 when the philanthropic billionaire, David M. Rubenstein gave out $50M to the fundraising kitty. The prominent donors included Boeing Co. who contributed $20M. The Jacqueline Mars Foundation parted with $20M. And, the Stephen and Christine Schwarzman Foundations doled out $10M for the cause. The Betsy and DeVos Foundation joined a long-list of donors who contributed a million dollars to the campaign.


The President of the Center, Deborah Rutter, attributed the success of the project to the collective passion people shared when it came to supporting the performances and arts scene. Deborah was overly optimistic about completing the expansion project by 2018.


About Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos is a billionaire investor with an impeccable reputation as one of America’s most benevolent men. Dick continues to splurge millions of dollars towards the promotion and preservation of arts and culture. He began working in Amway Corporation, a privately owned network sales company distributing health, personal care, and household products through independent dealers. Dick quickly rose up the ranks at Amway Inc. and was promoted to the position of Vice President to oversee operations in 18 countries. The one-time Republican gubernatorial candidate, left Amway in 1989 to start the Windquest Group, a private investment venture which involves technology, manufacturing among other things.


Dick DeVos, the Author


DeVos believes that sustainability should be both an environmental concept and an economic concept. Windquest is built on technologies that were environmentally sound as well as economically sustainable. An optimist at heart, DeVos believes in taking personal responsibility for one’s actions. He has also published a book called “Rediscovering the American Values” which was a New York Times best seller. Mr. DeVos has also been honored by Spectrum Health Foundation with its Art of Giving award at its most recent philanthropy celebrations.


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