Destination Upolu

     Looking for a tropical getaway? If so, then consider making Upolu– an island in Samoa, your travel destination. Originally formed by a massive volcano, Upolo is 75 kilometers in length and, 1,125 square kilometers in area, making it the second largest in the area. With a population of 135,000 people, Upolu is one of the most populated Samoan islands.

Getting to Upolu is easy. The island hosts multiple airports that are all utilized by some of the most popular international airlines. One of these airports being the Fagali’i airport. Within close proximity to the village of Fagali’i, this airport is one of the more popular airports on the island. Originally, Fragali’i airport was a simple grass strip but since then it has been heavily renovated and transformed into a a full fledged airport.

Upolu offers a number of quality hotels such as Amanaki and Saleteoga Sands and Resort— just to name a couple. With an abundance of travel buses and taxis available on Upolu, traversing the island is quick and efficient as you sit back and enjoy the natural wonders you will see along the ride. From the beautiful white-sand beaches to the crystal-clear water pools hidden among the lush vegetation. There is certainly no shortage of natural wonders on this island.

Upolou is known for being a surfer’s delight and offers world-class surf waves that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. If you are not interested in surfing then perhaps you would be more interested in swimming among the many gorgeous coral reefs that can be found around the island. Upolou is certainly one of the most beautiful of the Samoan islands and if you are looking for a tropical getaway, then it should definitely be a contender on your list.