CTRMA Planning MoPac Express Lanes To Ease The Traffic Congestion In Austin Considerably

Mike Heiligenstein is speaking out about the growing traffic congestion problem in the area of Austin. This issue had been addressed in an editorial viewpoint in the American Statesman, and Mike wrote his own editorial thanking them for doing so, and saying that that is exactly what he does at the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.

This is their work, to address the congestion issues that face them because of the influx of a new population, and to deal with all issues relating to traffic.

The Mobility Authority does many things, including building roads. They built 183A and 290, both toll roads. These projects increased the mobility tremendously and reduced traffic in great proportions.

They do all sorts of innovations to help decrease traffic. For example, they are building MoPac Express Lanes that are designed to help out greatly with traffic flow. This will help people get to where they need to on time. If they are going to work or need to go to a doctor’s appointment, they won’t be late because of these innovations that will speed up their time.

They even created a mobile app which will help commuters find alternative traffic routes when roads are congested. They did this in partnership with Metropia, and it’s just one of their many innovations. They are also working with Carma. Carma is a carpooling app. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: https://communityimpact.com/topics/mike-heiligenstein/

By helping people create carpools when they go to work every day, the congestion will decrease. This is because there are many people who drive alone, and this equals around nine hundred thousand empty seats on the roads each and every day. They partner with everyone who can help them manage traffic flow.

MIke Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He also serves on the boards of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association and the Texas Transportation Institute.

According to Biz Jornals, Mike Heiligenstein has served on the Mobility Authority since the year 2002. He was the one who grew it from a small thing to a large and highly recognized and respected toll road operation, and brought in many innovations, including electronic tolling.

Mike has served 30 years in public service. He started as a Round Rock City Council Member and later he went on to become a Williamson County Commissioner. He studied at the University of Texas. That is where he got his Masters in both government and business and where he earned a degree in government.