Cotemar is Setting High Standards in Mexican Offshore Oil Extraction Sector

Cotemar is a prominent Mexican company that has served the oil industry for more than 36 years. It offers a wide spectrum of services to PEMEX, ranging from developing and upgrading offshore oil fields, using advanced vessels and machinery. Some of the major strategic business divisions of Cotemar include food and lodging, air transportation, maintenance and engineering, maintenance construction, and marine operation. The firm is a giant in the offshore oil industry, spearheading the production of hydrocarbons by leveraging the effective processes executed by experienced individuals.

Cotemar’s subsidiaries

Cotemar has three subsidiaries that help in delivering state-of-the-art solutions and equipment to the oil sector on They are structured to address the specific problems that the clients face. They include Cocinas del Mar, Apoyo Logistico Marino, and SIPSA.

Cocinas del Mar

Cotemar offers its one of a kind accommodation services through this subsection. Accommodation and catering services are rendered on the numerous platforms and vessels operated by Cotemar. The platforms consist of cabins that can cater for the needs of 2 or 4 people. Additionally, the firm avails recreational areas, including cinemas, entertainment rooms, basketball courts, and gyms. Employees are responsible for providing food, laundry, cleaning of beddings, bedrooms, and washing of clothes.

The platforms and vessels operated by Cotemar have the capacity to offer first-class food and accommodation services to over 4,000 persons concurrently offshore. Safety is a valuable aspect that Cotemar has mastered to observe since its inception. The firm handles the procedure of receiving foodstuffs and other supplies with extra caution, ensuring highest standards of cleanliness and quality are maintained.

Apoyo Logistico Marino

Cotemar operates a logistic subsidiary known as Apoyo Logistico Marino. The firm has acquired and continues to acquire highly specialized vessels at It owns barges and tugboats, which transport huge structures needed for the production of hydrocarbons. It also has boats for transportation of abrasive materials in barite, sand, sludge, and in bulk. Combat boats are always on standby to respond to emergencies such as oil spills and fire. The firm has specialized vessel for transporting liquids and oils obtained from the platforms.


SIPSA is a giant when it comes to delivering groundbreaking services on including reconstruction and engineering of offshore processing plants. It has a highly equipped and experienced team of workers who can efficiently carry out high-performance tasks both offshore and onshore.