Chicago’s Most Affluent Neighborhoods

Doctors, lawyers, politicians, business owners, and other prominent figures fill Chicago’s affluent neighborhoods. If you’d like to make your welcome to Chicago by renting a home amongst the who’s who in the city, Beal Properties offers homes for rent in many of the city’s wealthiest areas. 

Rental Properties in Chicago

Check out the Beal Properties website where browsing the properties for rent is easy. Browse day or night and spend as much time browsing each property, its photos, and the amenities as you choose. The homes and apartments available are impressive. Choosing the best space to call your own is never simple. The more time that is spent browsing, the easier the choice becomes.

Most Affluent Neighborhoods in Chicago

Gold Coast properties are popular with corporate residents as well as people who want to enjoy the historic vale the city brings. Delightful condos on Dearborn are very popular. Life in LincolnPark is great for families. This area is home to the park with the same name and the infamous Lincoln Zoo. Logan Square is another prominent area of Chicago with a myriad of rental properties.

Live the Good Life in Chicago

Life is good in these affluent Chicago neighborhoods. You can be a part of the fun and live a good life in any of the areas affluent neighborhoods. Note that rental prices aren’t as steep as many people expect. Whoever knew that luxury could cost so little? Beal Properties ensures that customers get great value and service, as they’ve done for over 30 years now.