Chainsmokers and The “Side Effects” of fame.

American DJ’s Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, recently produced a new hit song titled “Side Effects” just after their home town, Hollywood performance at the Paladium. These Groove inspired artists met up with Billboard’s Taylor Weatherby to discuss their recent and growing success. When asked about Inspirations and experiences Taggart responded;

” We love writing about millennial relationships, for better or worse. But we write about what we observe, and we write about making bad decisions often, as you’ll hear in the song.” Taggart also agrees though that life happens when living in the moment no matter how big or small the moments may be. “Side Effects” was created in collaboration with fellow artist Emily Warren, who works well with the boys on many occasions like on other such titles as ” Until You Were Gone” and “My Type”. Pall states that Emily is one of their favorite People “PERIOD” despite the dirt she has on him and Taggart. The Chainsmokers refer to their time with Emily as Full Blown therapy sessions. They sit and talk for hours about their lives, experiences and hopes, knowing that after the four to five hours of just talking, a song will “fall out” and she helps them tell it as a story. Andrew and Alex both look forward to many more collaborations with Emily, their friend and partner.

Recently The Chainsmokers have celebrated 2 years of growth since their last major hit “Closer”. When asked where they believe they will be in 2 more years Taggart stated that they hope to be producing more music either at the turntable or as a band. Since Taggart’s first vocal performance in their hit song “Closer” he has seen it as a good outlet for him and admits he really enjoys singing. We can all hope to see more work like this from Andrew and Alex in the future, perhaps even with new talent on the rise.