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Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin: Changing The Face Of Medicine

Jack Plotkin has always had a love for learning and technology. He believes that technology should be used for much more than it is currently, especially in the medical field. He feels medicine is missing the mark when it comes to using technology. Often, those connected to us via social media know more about us […]

Sergey Petrossov and Private Jet App Are Going to New Heights

Sergey Perossov started and created his company called JetSmarter at the tender age of 28. What does this application do? It is an application that is supposed to make the process of making a reservation on a private jet easier. The idea for this application came after Sergey Petrossov himself had difficulty going through the […]

Smita Shah Sharing With Up and Coming Female Entrepreneurs

Smita Shah is the founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of SPAAN Tech, Inc. With the success of SPAAN Tech under her belt, Smita Shah leads by example of what a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit can achieve. SPAAN Tech Inc. is an engineering company that Smita Shah founded in 1998 and has become highly […]

Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter Will Change the Way You View Flying

Sergey Petrossov is barely out of his twenties, but he is making a huge impact on the aviation industry as an entrepreneur. In 2009 after his first flight on a private jet offered by the owner of the actual company, he realized he loved the idea of being able to book a plane but did […]

Mark Beer Lands a New Role at LumeNXT Inc.

The appointment of Mark Beer as the chairman of the board at LumeNXT Inc. is irrefutable proof of his talents, insightful and innovative ideas in biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. Indeed, Marc Beer will spearhead the development of LumeNXT Inc. With his over two decade’s experiences, he is respected for his exceptional leadership skills.   LumeNXT […]

Marc Beer: Improving the Health Industry

Marc Beer is an American businessman known for his desire to develop the health sector of the United States. He is the founder of Renovia Inc., a medical and technological firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. Marc Beer spent most of his life in the medical industry, and through the years, he was able to improve […]

Maarten De Jeu: Helping Students Learn Science

Science is a critical subject that students in America really need. The Museum Of Science and Industry hosted an event every summer that gifs students the opportunity to learn how things work. There is coursework for then to get a better understanding of science, leadership, and speaking in public. Farrell Fellows Internship is what this program […]

Marc Beer: The New Chairman of the board at Lumenxt Inc.

LumeN XT, Inc. is a privately owned company that is focused on developing surgical illumination products necessary when carrying out minimally invasive surgeries; less pain, fewer days in the hospital and few complications. Recently, Marc Beer was appointed as the chairman of the board. Marc Beer has over twenty-five years’ experience in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. […]

Practice These 6 Press Release Tips to Boost Engagement & Conversion

The far better the communication, the greater the conversion. A PR distribution service that is enhanced with photos, video clips, in addition to social networks sharing has much more possibilities of communication with customers. Precisely exactly how can you make your content a standout and also seen by the target markets? I’ll show you some […]