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Oren Frank, The Entrepreneur From Israel

Oren Frank is an Israeli business person and an author, as well. He is renowned in the United States as the owner of the highly reputable online therapy company, Talkspace. Oren assumes the role of the chief executive officer of the firm. He founded the platform in the year 2012 in conjunction with Roni Frank, […]

Talkspace Offers Therapy For All

When you first hear the word Talkspace Reviews, the initial idea that comes to mind is that it is a prime spot for people who want to live happier lives. The name Talkspace has been mentioned in different media outfits over other online therapy services. Yahoo!, The Wall Street Journal, Mashable, CNN, Fox News, Business […]

Talkspace: Therapy Without the Sofa

When it comes to mental health there are always excuses not to get help. Maybe it’s that there isn’t enough time, the wait is long, or it’s fear. Whatever the reason there are a lot of people who fail to get help. So, to solve the problem and bridge the gap Talkspace has brought therapy […]

Talkspace CEO Oren Frank Likes To Get His Sleep And Reading Time In While Working Hard

Those who have used the app called Talkspace may have stopped to consider what the founder of the company is like. It is such a great app that has helped numerous people get more from their phones. They are finally able to have access to something as important as mental healthcare in the palm of […]

Talkspace increasing mental therapy awareness

Talkspace is a company that deals with the offering of online therapy. To be able to offer their services to the people well they entered a partnership with Michael Phelps. The reason why he was good for the job is that he has gone through the same. Through national TV he was able to share […]

Talkspace ventures into a partnership with Michael Phelps to promote mental health

Talkspace, an online therapy company is partnering up with Michael Phelps to help that importance of mental health. This partnership will be comprised of a broad range of activities such as TV campaigns. Michael Phelps, a former patient, will be featured on TV where he will talk about his journey to recovery. About Talkspace Talkspace […]

Is Telemedicine The Next Big Thing? Rose Bennett Discusses

  Almost everyone can agree that telemedicine has been very instrumental in making healthcare accessible. Over the past years, people have adapted to using their phones and computers to seek treatment online. This means when an individual fall sick, they look for a doctor online instead of jumping into the car in search of a […]