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Attorney Jeremy Goldstein At Your Service

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the top attorneys in New York. He specializes in employment law and he has a passion for helping people and winning cases. Jeremy received his degree from the University of Chicago in the realm of legal studies. Once he received this degree he dove right into his internships and immediately […]

Follow an Academy of Art University Film Student for a Day

As the final years of highschool approach, students all over the world are faced with one of the most defining decisions in their lifetime. Choosing a college or school that best meets the needs of your career goals. For many students, this task is filled with both excitement and anxiety. Fortunately, campus tours and orientations […]

Jeremy L. Goldstein Brings Decades of Unique Specialist Skills to Merger and Acquisition Cases

Jeremy Goldstein is a distinguished lawyer and known for his work as a corporate lawyer. Attorney Goldstein has had an abundance of practice in corporate acquisitions as well as mergers. Secondly, Jeremy Goldstein also has abroad range of talents, which has allowed him to be known as a multi-talented and able to succeed in many […]

Jeremy Goldstein Helps Clients Write Up Non-Compete Agreements

Jeremy Goldstein is a New York City lawyer who prides himself on making good connections in the industry through genuine care and understanding. With these qualities, Mr. Goldstein has proven himself as a qualified attorney. Because of that, Jeremy is high requested in the employment law field. He earned his law degree at the New […]