Category: Works With Its Staff To Create An e-commerce System

When it comes to successful e-commerce companies in China, should be mentioned alongside other stalwarts like CEO, Richard Liu Qiangdong is the big impetus behind the success of the company. And had it not been for a SARS epidemic over a decade ago, Richard Liu’s entrepreneurial path may have been very different. […]

JD Makes Recent Delivery of Kiwi Fruit

JD is the largest and most successful retailer in China. As a successful company, Jingdong is always looking to expand. One of the markets that it has expanded to is the south Pacific region. The company recently imported large quantities of kiwi fruit from New Zealand. JD completed a delivery at the beginning of the […]

The Expanding China Partnership

The China partnership that first begun back in the year of 2016 will be undergoing a significant expansion., China’s leading e-commerce giant and largest retailer, and Michelin China, a global tire manufacturer, has reached an agreement under which the two companies’ partnership will see a substantial expansion through two means. First, Michelin China […]