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OSI Food Solutions- Chicken nuggets for kids and adults?

OSI Food Solutions is a food solutions company based in Germany with locations in several other countries. They process food in the products that you’re familiar with. Things like chicken nuggets, pizza, sausage, etc. Now if you’re reading this then you’re interested in OSI Food Solutions chicken nuggets. It’s well known that kids can be […]

OSI Group Become Co-Workers and Co-Producers with Impossible Foods

OSI Group has become the co-producing partner with Impossible Foods; the Redwood City headquartered plant-based food science company located in Silicon Valley. Not only is OSI Group Impossible Foods co-producer by a deal recently made between the two companies but also the co-worker of OSI in its 20,000 workforces it will use to distribute the […]

OSI Food Solutions Is A Leader of Value-Added Protein Products

Do you have a general interest in the food industry? Have you ever heard of OSI Food Solutions? Well, this particular food manufacturer is a food juggernaut to say the least. OSI Food Solutions is a class-act on levels of service as the company provides services in food distribution, food development and food management. Some […]

OSI Group Takes On New Project In Co-Manufactuering The Impossible Burger

OSI Group is always taking on new plans and new projects. Co-manufacturing the Impossible Burger is their latest project. OSI wanted to help Impossible Foods with their meatless burger because the company understands what is needed to bring an idea to production at a speed and volume that clients demand. This meatless burger is called […]

David McDonald & The Core Of OSI Group’s Success

Success, in any capacity, requires extensive knowledge of whatever it is one is successful at. For example, a sports athlete requires extensive knowledge of the rules of the game and how to bend them to their advantage. Another example can be seen with teachers who need extensive knowledge of a specific subject in order to […]

Jingdong Offers Sweet Wines for the Chinese Market

A unique partnership between one of the most popular Hungarian wine brands and a leading Chinese e-commerce marketplace has had an exciting and profitable response. Grand Tokaj is known for their excellent quality of wines, however they haven’t had any stake in the booming Chinese online market. That’s where Jingdong’s well-established consumer base and logistical […]

OSI Group- Offering the best food solutions

The OSI Group inaugurated its business in Chicago as the first meat market in 1909. The company remained steadfast at providing the best services to their customers. The satisfaction of their customers has made them the most advancing food brands. The customer of OSI trusts the company‚Äôs consistent efforts of offering the best food solutions […]

David McDonald Wants To Make OSI Group As The Leading Poultry Producer In China

Food industry has been growing consistently due to the increasing population in various places around the world, especially in Asia, Europe, and some parts of Africa. Companies in the food industry have been growing due to the expanding market where there are people ready to buy their goods and services. One of the main organizations […]

OSI Food Solutions Using Acquisitions To Expand

OSI Food Solutions is the world’s largest food processing company. The firm was set up many years ago by a German immigrant living in Chicago. He created this company because he felt the need to serve the interests of the people. He wanted to be in a position to do business. What he started as […]