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Jason Hope in anti-aging research

Aging remains to be a complicated puzzle for the scientists in the modern times. These experts have tried so much to come up with a solution for aging and reverse the effects of the process for a long time. Some of the efforts, however, have all been in vain. Many professionals are still dying and […]

Matthew Fleeger’s Gulf Coast Western Is Transforming the Fuel Sector

Gulf Coast Western is a company that is bringing the needed improvements in the gas and oil sector. It has the resources, skills, and experience to explore and get local reserves for gas and oil in the gulf coast of the U.S.A. The companies invests in areas that have low risk but with both geophysical […]

Sharon Prince The Grace To Build

Grace Farms peaceful scenery creates a place where communities gather to inspire, communicate more, increase learning and appreciated all the beauty of nature. Grace Farms offers different activities. Summer activities include catching and release fish at Cattail Pond or walking a trail in the lush scenery. Encourage to visit, the community can play casual pick […]

Years After Being Ousted, Isabel dos Santos Rejoins Unitel

Isabel dos Santos has long been Africa’s richest woman, having developed quite an extensive portfolio across a number of different industries. On top of this, dos Santos’ investment range has spread across a number of different countries, with the majority being in Portugal and her native Angola. Throughout this time, she’s developed quite a reputation […]

Marc Beer: The New Chairman of the board at Lumenxt Inc.

LumeN XT, Inc. is a privately owned company that is focused on developing surgical illumination products necessary when carrying out minimally invasive surgeries; less pain, fewer days in the hospital and few complications. Recently, Marc Beer was appointed as the chairman of the board. Marc Beer has over twenty-five years’ experience in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. […]

Revealing Sergey Petrossov’s Career

Sergey Petrossov is a role model for young entrepreneurs in and out of the United States. The skilled administrator managed to start and develop several successful business projects before his 30th birthday. On his 29th birthday, Forbes documented him as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the United States’ technology sector. Forbes gives the title […]

Bhanu Choudhrie Named Chair of Business Advisory Board

Bhanu Choudhrie, a British successful businessman/entrepreneur of Indian descent, was appointed to Chair Commonwealth Games England’s Business Advisory Board on June 16, 2010. Prior to Bhanu Choudhrie’s appointment, Commonwealth Games England had raised 100,000 euros by signing up of a good many enterprises of the small to medium sized variety to be an “Official Friend […]

Flavio Maluf; Successful Entrepreneurship

Having been born in a political and wealthy family, Flavio Maluf prides himself as a success story in business. Through hard work and skills acquired he was able to build a company empire, the Eucatex. Flavio is a mechanical engineer graduate, but his desire to venture into entrepreneurship made him focus more on business. Eucatex […]

Lazarus’ Business Plans and Projections

Luke Lazarus is a business consultant offering his consultation services to startup companies. He has based his work and residence in Melbourne. He has over 20 years of experience that include establishment of successful partnerships in creating business plans, managing business growth and helping Chief Executive Officers with insights. He has mostly worked around the […]

Article Title: A Look into Bhanu Choudhrie’s Professional Endeavors

Article Text: Bhanu Choudhrie is the executive director and also the founder of C&C Alpha Group. Choudhrie is a British-Indian business mogul and entrepreneur with vast business interests in various industries. As an investor, Choudrie has been investing in profitable and sustainable investments, and through this, he has been able to oversee the growth of […]