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Bernardo Chua And His Success Journey

Bernardo, who is a Filipino businessman, has made an impact in the direct selling industry. He was born and raised in the Philippines with his 14 siblings. Bernardo began his career a long time ago when he was working in a company that his family-owned as a purchasing manager. He usually felt a lot of […]

Entrepreneur Sudhir Choudhrie Shares Details Of His Vintage Car Collection

Sudhir Choudhrie is a London-based entrepreneur. Born in India, he has an economics degree he earned at the University of Delhi. After graduating, he founded an import/export business. He started importing TV sets and later, other consumer goods. The products he exported included farm machinery. He later founded Magnum International Trading Company which mainly exports […]

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The TigerSwan Experience Reveals What Special Ops Training Is Like

The Chevy name draws images in people’s minds about reliable vehicles. For some, the Chevy brand connects with the reliable performance of the elite Delta Force soldiers. Chevy setup a simulated hostage rescue mission at The Range Complex (TRC) in North Carolina. The facility serves as a location where professionals who handle private security and […]

Bernardo Chua Is Changing The Lives Of Families Around The World

Direct selling has the capability of changing the lives of people around the world and Bernardo Chua is one of the people that are helping to do just that as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ORGANO, a popular coffee company that distributes their products through direct selling. While there will always be challenges […]


About Tj Maloney and His Time at Lincolnshire Management After earning a BA from Boston College and a JD from Fordham University, Tj Maloney began practicing merger, acquisition, and securities law. He quickly jumped in the finance industry in 1993 when he joined Lincolnshire Management Inc. Soon after, he was named Chairman and CEO of […]

Vijay Eswaran Has Helped QNET Become A Global Leader

QNET is quickly becoming the largest direct selling company in Asia. They operate in over 100 countries and they’ve been increasing their manufacturing capacity to grow even faster. The direct sales model has been used by companies all around the world and does very well. Notable firms are taking in revenues in the double digit […]

Explore The Biggest Accomplishments of Nitin Khanna in the last 21 Years

Nitin Khanna is a tech entrepreneur based in Portland, Oregon. Since 1998, the Indian-born businessmen have created an extended financial history, involving in several projects. Who Is Nitin Khanna? Nitin Khanna started his entrepreneurial journey before 1098 as with a consultancy and education role in Oracle Corporation, an organization selling database management systems and other […]

Matt Fleeger’s Impact at Gulf Coast Western in Oil and Gas Exploration

Matt Fleeger is an experienced manager who oversees the operations of Gulf Coast Western. He is the chief operating officer of the company and has been instrumental in its growth. Matt has a sound background in business, and his management skills are tacit proof of his excellence in the roles he has played. Matt’s Professional […]

Carsten Thiel Leader and Expert In Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical

In a recent interview found on, Carsten Thiel unveils some words of wisdom into how he navigates in the business world of biotechnology. He begins each day with two activities he considers to be sacred. The first activity is connecting with his family during breakfast, and the second activity involves checking international headlines, along […]