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Peter Harris, Brave Businessman

Peter Harris is a polished businessman who has been working in the insurance field for about ten years. Peter Harris knows what it takes to be an upstanding businessman, which is why he is currently the managing director of CBL Corp. CBL Corp is an elite insurance company. The company grew a lot of attention […]

Wes Edens: Co-Owner of Milwaukee Bucks

Wes Edens is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, guiding them to the Eastern Conference the National Basketball Association holds, and also they are 2018-2019 season’s frontrunner for the Most Valuable Player Award, the MVP is Giannis Antetokounpo. The Milwaukee Bucks has to improve their season’s win-loss record. They are considered intense contenders against the […]

The Progressive Path Of Omeed Malik

Omeed Malik is the Chief Executive Officer at Farvahar Partners. He established the company after accumulating an abundance of experience in the banking industry. Prior to establishing his own company, Omeed spent time working for Merrill Lynch; and other financial institutions. Before his tenure at Bank of America, he was the Vice President for MF […]

Ashley Lightspeed and Making Good Investments

Ashley Lightspeed knows that making suitable investments is tough. There are many different points of weakness and attack vectors. For Ashley to do her job well, she must make sure to be on her A-game at all times. This nature of being always in the know and up to date in the latest trends, patterns, […]

Bernardo Chua And His Success Journey

Bernardo, who is a Filipino businessman, has made an impact in the direct selling industry. He was born and raised in the Philippines with his 14 siblings. Bernardo began his career a long time ago when he was working in a company that his family-owned as a purchasing manager. He usually felt a lot of […]

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The TigerSwan Experience Reveals What Special Ops Training Is Like

The Chevy name draws images in people’s minds about reliable vehicles. For some, the Chevy brand connects with the reliable performance of the elite Delta Force soldiers. Chevy setup a simulated hostage rescue mission at The Range Complex (TRC) in North Carolina. The facility serves as a location where professionals who handle private security and […]

NICE Global: Nearshore Inbound Call Experts In Jamaica

NICE Global is a near-shore business process outsourcing (BPO) company that was founded in 2014. The company’s headquarters is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Customer service, technical support, live chat, and back-office operations are only to mention a few of the services NICE Global offers. Paul Herdsman Paul Herdsman is the Co-Founder of NICE Global. […]

Smita Shah Is A Powerful Business Leader Who Works To Lift Women Up

Smita Shah is a woman who is teaching women how to feel empowered and confident in today's business world. When she was younger, she focused on learning instead of playing with her friends like everyone else was doing. She eventually took part in math relays when she was in college and became known for her […]