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Follow an Academy of Art University Film Student for a Day

As the final years of highschool approach, students all over the world are faced with one of the most defining decisions in their lifetime. Choosing a college or school that best meets the needs of your career goals. For many students, this task is filled with both excitement and anxiety. Fortunately, campus tours and orientations […]

Rebel Wilson: She’s Thankful For Her Path

When Rebel Wilson looks at the path that has put her in this current position in Hollywood where she is a leading lady, she is thankful for it. She is happy for the good, the bad, and everything in between. She knows it has helped shape her into the actress she is today and the […]

How Rebel Wilson Keeps It Real

If you are a fan of Pitch Perfect and/or the super-confident Barden Bellas a cappella group, then you wouldn’t need any backdrop to know who Rebel Wilson is. As the “Fat Amy” of the popular franchise, Wilson stole hearts and crushed them with her memorable take on the student-turned-singer who absolutely nailed her in-movie performances […]

Rebel Wilson Focuses on Career Changes

Since Rebel Wilson got her start in acting, she’s been working hard to make sure she knows what she’s doing. There are a lot of options that goes into the work Rebel Wilson does, but she knows what she needs to do to make things happen. It’s also important to Rebel Wilson to always focus […]

Rebel Wilson and Her Acting Career

Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson through her commitment has made achieved a lot in the industry of movie in her career of acting. Before venturing fully into the sector of the acting, there are other things that she was doing like script wring and production. Wilson pursued her education and graduated from one of the known […]