Carsten Thiel Life in the Field Of Medicine

Carsten Thiel is a pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical expert currently serving as the president of EUSA pharma, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in the United Kingdom. His desire in Anglo-Saxon education system resulted in graduating with a degree in organic chemistry from Bristol University. Carsten Thiel then specialized in biochemistry attending different institutions including the Philipp University of Marburg, Max-Planck Institut Göttingen and IMD Business School. He has held various executive positions since venturing in his career in 1994.

Born in Berlin Germany, Carsten Thiel is a visionary individual in the field of biotechnology through his leadership, expertise, and experience, therefore, a successful launch of several medical products. He has helped many patients both through therapies and introduction of new medicines to treat different complications. Carsten Thiel first position was as a Communications and Product Supervisor at Hoffman La-Roche, where he gained adequate experience in the pharmaceutical sector leading to the introduction of new medical products.

After a few years while working at a global leadership position, Carsten Thiel introduced Xenical, a weight loss product, leading to a more successful marketing strategy through slow sale technique. During his leadership role at Roche, within the biochemistry sector, he launched another product, Vectibix, a prescription to treat patients suffering from colorectal cancer. Despite the challenges faced, the products became priceless, making sales revolutionary, eventually leading to a drastic change in medical practices today.

During his time at Amgen, Carsten Thiel continued with launching new medical products including the introduction of treatment of bone loss and fractures specifically for women. As the medicines were new and unknown in the pharmaceutical industry, he involved in frequent educational programs to educate both physicians and patients about the products. As such, the drugs underwent significant changes over time hence leading to a more successful career today. Currently, Carsten Thiel plays a substantial role in the medical and biochemistry industry much simplified by the advancing technological features.

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