Betsy DeVos: The Woman Fighting For Reforms In Education In America

Betsy DeVos is someone who has made a tremendous amount of contribution to society through the numerous endeavors she has undertaken. She has always cared for the welfare of people and has put in an enormous amount of effort to bring about change in the American Society. Betsy DeVos currently serves as the Education Minister of the United States under the presidency of Donald Trump. She has always been someone who has cared about education in the country. Since the beginning, DeVos has always held that education is the backbone of the country and it is one of the most efficient ways in which a country can be put on the path of development. She has partaken in numerous movements which have benefited the society. Her contribution has been immense, and now at her current position, she can implement all that she has been fighting for on a much greater level.

One of the main movements that Betsy DeVos was behind was the School Charter Movement. The movement has proven to be a landmark in reforming the school system all over the country. As part of this campaign, private owners and big business now had the power to open up their schools in a district that they desire. These schools functioned as private institutions which provided students with a higher level of education than public schools. This was one of the first steps towards establishing a better school system in the country. Betsy urged parents to let their children enroll in charter schools, to benefit their overall growth and development. But at the same time, she realized that there was no viable way for parents to know how good a school was since there was no website that rated schools according to their facilities. DeVos, therefore, lobbied for schools to undergo yearly examinations and assessments, after which they will be graded the same way their students are. Based on the gradings, parents are now able to gauge at which schools will be right for their children and which won’t.

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DeVos’ interest in education and uplifting the society aren’t just limited to her work and professional life. She is also a philanthrope who uses her resources to help underprivileged people in society. Along with her husband Dick DeVos, she started the DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation was established to be able to provide aid and scholarships to deserving members of society. Naturally, education was one of the main areas that DeVos wanted to be able to extend her help to and thus set up an Education Freedom Fund in this to provide scholarships. Through the fund, Betsy DeVos awarded students who showed exemplary skill in their academics and extracurriculars for them to go on and seek a better level of education at private institutions. Check this article from New York Post.