Betsy DeVos Develops Reputation as Political Soldier

When President Trump ran for President back in 2016, he made it abundantly clear what his intentions were. Ostensibly a conservative, President Trump ran his campaign on an outsider’s perspective. Additionally, President Trump made it clear that he was going to set his sights on undoing everything that President Obama had accomplished. Among those accomplishments, President Trump took umbrage with federal protections for transgendered students. President Trump decided to repeal those protections and, in doing so, he managed to catch the ire of his Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.


Hailing from Michigan, Betsy DeVos had gained a reputation for herself as a razor-sharp political debater with an affinity for education. Betsy and Dick DeVos have been two of the most prominent GOP donors in the entire state of Michigan over the past thirty or forty years, as well. On the map for their party contributions, Betsy DeVos took the opportunity in order to really stand for education reform. DeVos, a mother herself, has been firmly touting the benefits of educational choice for decades. Educational choice was developed by Milton Friedman in the fifties and popularized by DeVos in our modern political climate. As the Secretary of Education, DeVos is in a unique position where she can usher in real change, even when it goes against her party affiliation.


When President Trump made overtures to repeal federal protections, Betsy DeVos was instantly upset. DeVos fought back against Trump’s decision, as she fought to represent all of her constituents, not just the conservatives. Publicly, Betsy DeVos held firm with the party line. Privately, DeVos lobbied President Trump to change his mind and cancel his decision to repeal transgendered protections. While President Trump was not to be swayed, Betsy DeVos gained serious clout with both major political parties.


Betsy DeVos came to the world of national politics as a role player. With very little national appeal, Betsy DeVos immediately put Washington D.C. on notice. While she may hail from a small town in the Midwest, DeVos had proven that she was there in Washington D.C. in order to make a difference. DeVos carried with her a fierce reputation for sharp political remarks. Mike Cox, a prominent member of the Republican party, doubled down on his support of DeVos while simultaneously calling her a determined individual.


As Betsy DeVos looks ahead to her role in President Trump’s cabinet, one thing is abundantly clear, there is plenty of work to be done. Betsy DeVos has spent her entire adult life working to enact education reform. As the highest ranking member of the educational world, Betsy DeVos is finally primed and in a position where she can make her dreams a reality. The only question that remains is thus, can DeVos seize her opportunity?


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