Bernardo Chua Is Changing The Lives Of Families Around The World

Direct selling has the capability of changing the lives of people around the world and Bernardo Chua is one of the people that are helping to do just that as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ORGANO, a popular coffee company that distributes their products through direct selling. While there will always be challenges that are faced in every career, direct-selling is something that he has learned that he truly loves doing because of the impact that it has. He is eager to learn more about his career and the world and he enjoys being able to build relationships with people through his company and personal life. Find out more about Bernardo Chua at

The entrepreneur states that his career with ORGANO can feel a lot like a roller coaster as there are a lot of highs and lows. It’s important to understand that it is all just part of the cycle that businesses follow and you need to make sure that you do not become overwhelmed. Change is important and while we may not always be wanted or expected, it sometimes cannot be avoided. It is part of a business and a part of life. Direct selling is a people business according to Bernardo Chua and you have to enjoy people to grow in it.

When asked what his biggest achievement was, Bernardo Chua stated that it was being able to found a company that had been able to achieve such great success in the industry. He has been able to improve the health of his customers while allowing his distributors to have a source of income as well as their own business that they can manage on their own time. He hs families all over the world that have been positively impacted by his company and this is very important to the entrepreneur from the Philippines. Read: