Attorney Jeremy Goldstein At Your Service

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the top attorneys in New York. He specializes in employment law and he has a passion for helping people and winning cases. Jeremy received his degree from the University of Chicago in the realm of legal studies. Once he received this degree he dove right into his internships and immediately fell in love with the idea of being able to help people get their lives back to normal. Goldstein actually went back to school and obtained a second degree from Cornell University. This is the degree that pushed him over the edge of success within his career. These years of education strategically placed him in the area and environment to develop his very own law firm. The degree that gave him the ability to create this new and innovative law firm was received from New York University School of Law.

Jeremy Golstein received his experience in this field from working with a law firm in New York while he was in school. This firm worked with the most infamous corporate CEO’s and CFO’s. Some of the companies to name a few are: Verizon Wireless, Merck and many others. Due to the fact that he was able to physically research these cases and work directly with the companies he learned valuable skills and abilities that will be the foundation of the building of his personal firm. Unfortunately, due to some of he contracts that he signed and were held liable towards prevented him from working personally with a few of the clients that he met in New York. However, this did not keep him from branching out on his own.

He decided to make his firm stand out from the others. The idea that instead of working with everyone on the board of the companies, he will work with the CEO’s. He strictly only communicated with the CEO’s and upper management in orer to obtain the information that was needed to fight the assigned case in the courtroom. This strategy has made Goldstein a very notable attorney in the employment law realm.

Goldstein is very active in the community as well. He is an active member of the Professional Advisory Board at NYU. He also speaks at numerous community events as well as schools in the area. There are youth groups as well as entrepreneur conferences that he has been a keynote speaker at in order to motivate and inspire the members to keep striving to meet their goals and to never give up on themselves. Goldstein is known for his special view on corporate governance events and affairs. He understands that law is necessary in order to keep a business up and running in a safe and smooth fashion for both the employee as well as the employer. As a lawyer he understands that the upper management place holders are the most important in this realm.

He has created his company on a platform of honesty. Goldstein has created a company that not only provides his clients with law advice and moves of action to take he also teaches to maximize the bottom line. The corporate governance that provides the keys to long term success instead of a quick success that will lead to an even quicker demise. He helps his clients create a system that will not only keep your business afloat but it will also allow you the rich opportunity to obtain new customers and form a system that will allow your business to branch out with unprecedented success.


Jeremy Goldstein may be reached through LinkedIn.