Ashley Lightspeed and Gains

Ashley Lightspeed knows that company growth is hard and difficult. Yet Ashley Lightspeed is along for the ride.


Well she is one person that invests in different companies and makes certain they succeed.

She knows that some companies can thrive with loyalty programs.

Companies such as Uber have many different variables.

This makes it difficult for the company to develop a program that encourages customers to spend more.

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When you come to airlines, nearly all of them seem to be offering frequent flyer miles to reward those who utilize their services frequently. As a result, they usually offer them a seat in a plane that is already paid for, is going to be taking other passengers to the same destination, and would serve as a promotional ride to the single customer who would be tying that experience with a great service.

As a cab service that has to provide customized rides to single customers, Uber doesn’t have that advantage either. It cannot cover its cab costs by its sheer good intentions to provide a great service to its customers. If it does that, then it essentially has to cover the cost of the whole ride by itself in terms of loyalty rewards.

This means that Uber’s shortcoming of a range of different products and its business model of serving one customer at a time could place quite a few hurdles in its way.

If it offers loyalty programs that offer too much to its customers, then it loses on the revenue that it is trying to generate. But even if it does that, saving a few bucks every few weeks might not seem that lucrative to a customer. Most of them would still prefer a choice of booking rides from different companies, rather than stick with one just because they could essentially save the same amount as a Happy Meal every few weeks.