Arthur Becker Swings in the Spotlight with the 465 Washington Project

Arthur Becker, a Tech based entrepreneur, is responsible for the growth of the city’s biggest developers. Over the years, he channeled money through Michael Stern, Kevin Maloney, and Robert Gladstone for some of the greatest developments in the city. However, according to a plan presented to the Attorney General, Arthur intends to build an eight –unit condominium at 465 Washington Street in Tribeca. The building in which his name gets to appear marks the first project in which he openly participates. The building expected sellout ranges at $ 52.5 million.

According to an interview with The Real Deal, Paris Forino responsibility is to develop the interior designs. The building will constitute seven simplex apartments and one penthouse duplex. The price will be per square foot ranging from a minimum of $ 2,200 to a maximum of $ 3,200. For the condo, the price is expected to range between $ 5 million to $ 14 million. Becker acquired the property from Peter Moore at $ 6.1 million.

The building expansion to 10 stories, however, required extra money. Arthur Becker paid an unknown amount to the adjacent building owners. Additionally, he paid $ 1 million for a 30-foot easement to the Ponte family. Statistics from Real Capital Analytics shows that Becker’s investments in New York City amount to over $ 550 million. The amount of capital deployed in these projects is, however, unknown. According to Becker, despite the slowdown in luxury product, he is optimistic of the 465 Washington project. Becker explained why he came out on this project and stated that it’s a project he’d like to identify with and get exposure.

Arthur Becker is a New York Based entrepreneur. He invests widely in the information industry, biotechnology, and real estate development industries. Becker graduated from Bennington College. In Bennington, he studied photography. Later, he went to Amos Tuck business school. His career began with 18th Century American houses and became the chief executive officer of the company a few years later. For more info, you can visit Arthurbeckerstudio.

Today, Arthur is the managing member of Madison Partners LLC. Before this company, he held the position of CEO at Zinio LLC, the biggest digital newsstand.  During the development of his career, he worked with Navisite as the CEO and served as a senior advisor to Vera Wang’s fashion industry.

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