Anthony Petrello Views His Challenges As Opportunities:

Anthony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company, which Anthony Petrello oversees, and executes strategy, owns and operates the most significant, oil and gas, land-based drilling rig fleet, on an international basis.

Nabors Industries, too, is a major provider of drilling rigs, for off-shore well-drilling activities. The rigs are located within the U.S. and other global markets.

Nabors Industries, is known as a provider of directional drilling services and other state-of-the art technologies.

The technologies, as it pertains to oil and gas well drilling service, manufacture and provision are scattered throughout many areas of the world. The technologies of the company are provided to the foremost areas of the industry.

The company, under Petrello’s direction, makes it, its objective, to provide its clientele with a highly expert labor force. It is continually setting new and favorable standards. It strives to continually achieve operational excellence: In doing so, it is changing the industry, in a most positive way.

Anthony Petrello, as CEO of Nabors Industries, oversees many areas of the international company. Some of the areas which Anthony Petrello provides leadership are as follows:

-Offshore Drilling,

-Software Applications, in order to provide precise placement and a smooth job is performed;

-Land Drilling;

-Directional Drilling;

-and more.

The wellbore placement is of prime importance to the labor staff and Anthony Petrello.

Wellbore placement is a “precision process:” It is conducted in a strategic manner, in order to assure there is no risk of poor placement. It is the objective of Mr. Anthony Petrello and Nabors Industries to assure safer and more productive wells result.

The high-end technology, which Anthony Petrello accepts, with regard to placement, assures the confidence of the customer and the operator, alike. Oil recovery is held to optimum standards of excellence, under the leadership of Anthony Petrello.

Mr. Petrello, prior to his engagement at Nabors Industries, worked for the highly prestigious international law firm of Baker & McKenzie. At Baker & McKenzie, Anthony Petrello, held the favorable post, of Managing Partner.

Academically-speaking, Anthony Petrello attained two Mathemantical Degrees from the Ivy League College of Yale University. One Degree is a B.S. Degree in Mathematics; and the other Degree is an M.S. Degree in Mathematics. Mr. Petrello, then, matriculated to Harvard Law School. While at Harvard, Anthony Petrello earned a J.D.

Too: Anthony Petrello is a Director for Stewart and Stevenson. Stewart and Stevenson provides equipment and aftermarket parts to industries such as: the gas and oil industry, the transportation industry, the power-generation industry and more.

He is a Director, too, at the prestigious healthcare institution of: Texas Children’s Hospital. The hospital is a superior pediatric healthcare institution, providing exceptional healthcare services, to children as well as women.

Anthony Petrello, has many challenges, as CEO of Nabors Industries. However, he is very well-suited to the post. Mr. Petrello possesses good experience in way of communication–due to his post at Baker McKenzie, and his academic years spent at: Harvard Law School.

He communicates, successfully and soundly, with corporate governance, the world over–as it applies to his post at: Nabors Industries.

He plays a major role, too, within the community that he resides: as it pertains to his activity of Director at Texas Children’s Hospital and other community-based events.

When it comes to challenge, Anthony Petrello is not shy about “stepping up to the plate.” He views his challenges as opportunities: Suffice it to say, if all of the rest of us could have such a favorable attitude; certainly, the world, as a whole, would be made much more harmonious.