An Inside Look at Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solution

Robert Johnson has a very interesting, and sad, story to tell. He was working as a corrections officer at a prison near his hometown. One of the main functions of his job was to search for and confiscate contraband cell phones. Contraband simply means that it is something being brought in illegally. While most people think straight to drugs and alcohol, cell phones have quickly become one of the most dangerous things that are being brought into our prisons.


Mr. Johnson was getting ready for work one day, before the sun was even up yet, and he heard a pounding at his door. He very quickly realized that someone was breaking into his home and he knew that someone had ordered a hit on his life. He quickly ran into the bathroom in an attempt to keep the person breaking into his home away from his sleeping wife. The man made it into Mr. Johnson’s home and then shot him multiple times before fleeing the scene.


While Mr. Johnson was fortunate enough to live, he has had to have nearly two dozen surgeries just to simply stay alive. He was a lucky man. However, the hit was ordered by an inmate from inside prison walls. The inmate was so angry at Robert Johnson for confiscating some contraband from him that he ordered the hit.


It is situations like these that show how greatly our prisons need to be stocked with the latest and greatest technology security solutions. Securus Technologies has mastered a new technology solution called the Wireless Containment Solution. This technology not only seeks out and located contraband cell phones, but can actually block those phones from connecting to wireless networks or from making calls or sending texts. This technology doesn’t just block these phones; it allows approved phones to make connection. The Wireless Containment Solution enables prison security teams to pinpoint the exact locations of contraband cell phones.


In fact, one of the latest trends comes in the form of the use of drones. Drones have been flying over prison yards to drop guns and cell phones. With limited security in the yard, it is often hard for correctional officers to get to the cell phone before it is picked up. These drones dropping cell phones is also a major source of violence and fighting starting within the prison walls between inmates. The bottom line is that prison inmates are getting more and more creative with how they transfer cell phones and with limited resources and staff inside prisons and correctional institutions, companies need to be just as creative. New technology like Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solution is giving prisons the ability to combat cell phones being brought into prisons.