Alex Pall Talks About The Group And The Fans

The Start Of The Group

After the Chainsmokers released their much anticipated track “Closer” they gave an interview and spoke about their identity, new song, and growth as a group due to their growing audience. Their group started out with DJ Alex Pall’s manager introducing Pall to Drew. Drew was living in Maine at the time but was very interested in being a DJ. When they met they realized they had the same interests and goals. They started working together immediately out of Pall’s apartment and four years later they became the success they are today. They both knew right away that things would work well between them because they were compatible musically. They both also had drive and wanted their common goals so bad. They both understood the current music scene and knew what worked and what didn’t.

Group Identity

They say it was both easy and hard to create an identity .in this current time of music. Initially they had to conform because everything was sounding the same. Before long they said they would go their own way, because they had vast enough knowledge about music in general to take their own path. Their passion for music would show through in their creations, and so far, the following is good. The unique thing about the Chainsmokers music is that it’s about their real lives and they either sing it themselves or have their peers sing the songs.


The Chainsmokers feel that thanks to social media their popularity has grown. They are getting an international presence and traveling all over the world. They feel that they are reaching the 16 to 25 age group and it’s pretty split between genders. What they enjoy is hearing messages that they are inspiring the youth with their music as well as appealing to the older ages. In their music they’ve had to adapt to their growing audience. They realized that the age groups that are starting to follow them are getting broader. This means they have to change their shows to make sure they entertain everyone and not just the young crowd.