Alex Hern – Helping Other Companies

Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a great businessman that is expanding his reach to be all over the world and helping other companies around the globe. Alex started his own company helping other companies after working for a lot of different people and learning what it took for a company to win. So now that he works for himself, he applies that to his own company and teaches everyone that he works for how to do it. For the owners that hire him, they see him as a mentor of sorts as that is what his job is. But that isn’t the only thing that Alex is doing anymore.

Alex is a technology nerd to an extent, and right now virtual reality has him excited. The reason that he is so angry is not because of the video games you can play with it or the movies you can watch. But because no one sees the full way in which it could be used. The device is necessarily a communication device, and when used as such it can increase productivity and save money in a company.

So right now Alex has made it his mission to show it to as many companies as will allow him so that he could be hired to teach them how this works. To do this, he is going around and pitching the VR goggles to companies that travel a lot and work internationally. The reason that he has targeted these companies is that the travel costs these companies have to get out of hand quickly. But he believes that this can dramatically cut the cost of that travel by merely eliminating up to eighty percent of that travel. With VR goggles there is just no good reason to have to travel all the time as you can have the same communication as you would in person with the headset but be in your office still. Learn More.