Advertising and Marketing Consultant Gustavo Martinez Apprediates People

Gustavo Martinez devotes 12 hours a day every day to his advertising and marketing consultancy business. Yet despite his grueling schedule, the prospect of burning-out doesn’t worry Martinez. Fatigue doesn’t overwhelm Martinez because he subscribes to the adage “If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in the life.”


Gustavo Martinez Explains Advertising


At its core forming an ad campaign is a creative process explains Martinez. Describing advertising as, “Applied artistry” he explained that there are two elements to an effective ad. First the ad’s message is easily grasped. Secondly, the ad resonates with people on an emotional level. Gustavo Martinez further points out that for a century consultants like himself have been essential to the success of advertising campaigns.


Getting Non-Conformist to Produce


The importance of creativity in advertising is a leitmotif with Gustavo Martinez. The problem is the kind of creative people that Martinez needs to join his company tend to be non-conformist. Not surprisingly, non-conformist usually don’t function well in the confines of the corporate environment. Martinez’ solution to this problem is elegant.


Don’t Make Creative People Employees


When Gustavo Martinez hires the creative talent he is looking for he doesn’t make them employees in the traditional sense. Martinez’s creative staff are independent contractors. As independent contractors, creative people can work on their own schedule in their own way. While this approach may seem risky the success that Gustavo Martinez has enjoyed during over three decades of holding leadership positions in the advertising industry proves that it works.


The Importance of Positive Recognition


It has been said that recognition of a job well done does as much to boost employee morale and productivity as a monetary reward. Gustavo Martinez places a premium on employee morale. Martinez believes it is his responsibility to keep his team motivated. Through positive recognition, he instills his team with a sense of self-worth. Martinez works to keep his team motivated and inspired. He refers to his team members as “assets”. That being said, Martinez doesn’t hesitate to pay-up for the best talent.


What it is Gustavo Martinez Does


Over the course of his career, Martinez has held high ranking positions with venerable advertising firms like J Walter Thompson and Ogilvy and McCann. Recently, Martinez decided to strike out on his own starting a consultancy business. One source states that 90% of start-ups fail within three years. With competition among start-ups growing increasingly fierce the make it up as we go along approach to launching a start-up doesn’t work. For his clients, Gustavo Martinez provides a business plan, information, and expertise that gives a start-up a better chance of succeeding.


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