A Review Of Bernardo Chua’s Career

Bernardo Chua is one of the leading names in the competitive direct selling industry. Over the years, the shrewd entrepreneur has zeroed in on selling teas, coffee and other products using ganoderma. He is one of the individuals who have popularized the benefits of using the herb around the globe. Learn more about Bernardo Chua: http://cajamediterraneo.net/bernardo-chua-turkey-welcomes-health-in-a-cup-of-coffee/

Chua made a name for himself when he worked for Gano Excel in Philippines. He used the power of multi-level marketing to sell the company’s products. To this end, the entity managed to woo many clients besides making huge profitability margins. Under his leadership, Gano Excel maintained its growth trajectory.

Following this success, Bernado Chua was promoted to serve as the president of Gano Excel USA. When he went to the US, he focused on introducing people to the merits of ganoderma. He succeeded in wooing the North American market to purchase the company’s products.

Bernardo grew up in the Philippines. The executive recalls that he knew the importance of ganoderma at a young age. This is because of his Chinese heritage. Ganoderma is a genus poly pore mushroom that grows on logs wood around the planet. This herb is highly regarded in China and different Asian nations where it has been used for long. Bernardo Chua is credited for being the first person to promote the use of ganoderma using coffees and teas outside the Asian continent.

Chua contends that when he was looking for the appropriate model to use, he settled for the direct selling business. He posited that this method was the quickest way of enhancing the business in Philippines. Bernardo is the brain behind the successful global company, Organo Gold.

He co-founded the company in 2008. The sole objective of incorporating the company was to popularize the merits of ganoderma lucidum. Chua sought to show the Western world about the products that they were missing.

Organo Gold has received much success under the transformative leadership of Bernardo Chua. Over the years, he has zeroed in on educating people about the benefits of the poly pore mushroom.

By virtue of being based in Canada, the company has a competitive advantage in that the country is known to have strict guidelines for businesses and products. Bernado Chua interacts with the public through his twitter account.