A Little About Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a businessman from Canada. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of his company. He began working for his company and was elected President and Chief Executive Officer in 2008. In 2010 he was elected to be the Chairman. His company is United Technologies Corporation.


Louis Chenevert is an educated man. He has a long history of working in the business field. Before, going to United Technologies Corporation, he was a leader with Pratt and Whitney. He left General Motors in 1993 to join Pratt and Whitney. His education is from the Universite de Montreal. Upon graduating from the Universite de Montreal he received a bachelor’s degree in commerce.


Under the leadership of Chenevert while at United Technologies Corporation the employees received 100% of their tuition at a higher education institution paid for by the company. This resulted in many more people earning a bachelor’s degree in various concentrations. These staff members of United Technologies became more qualified leaders. Instead of leaving United Technologies for another company many of them stayed an were promoted from within.


The 100% tuition paid assistance for employees was a major success for United Technologies. The company boosted the morale of their staff. The staff was promoted upon graduating. This offer was such a success it is often looked upon by other companies as an example of how to treat their staff.


Chenevert thinks the best way to boost employee morale is to get them engaged in activities together. This would mean organizing a function to help the less fortunate. There is only so many staff activities companies do to get their employees to bond with one another. This organizing an event for the entire team to pitch in and help the less fortunate is an excellent way to get them to bond.


In conclusion, this article was about Louis Chenevert. We discussed his education. Also, discussed was the fact that he paid for his employees at United Technologies to attend a higher learning institution. This was an excellent example he set both for his company and of his leadership abilities.