A Day in the Life of Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is the founder and the CEO of a marketing agency known as KOI IXS. He believes in the importance of performance in marketing. His main drive is to see business brands grow in terms of market share, customer base and in gaining impactful customer engagement. Our future is fast approaching and one way to maintain the pace is to get in touch with KOI/IXS. According to Edwin Miranda, the idea to start his company came from the fact that he is a leader. Through leading a talented group of creative thinkers and designers they came up with the idea.

The company has been successful over the years. As the CEO, Miranda ensures that they always come up with quality work to satisfy their growing customers. This is achieved by combining their talents and creative minds. As a result, they have been able to make a big impact on marketing technology, promoting the success of their clients. Edward Miranda’s typical day starts at 5:30 am; he then proceeds to check news feeds and messages sent from his customers and the projects he is working on. Afterward, he eats something light for breakfast and then proceeds for a morning run or cycling. Edwin Miranda spends quality time with his family, and then he leaves for work.

When he gets to the office, Edwin Miranda tries to get things moving. His passion for marketing drives him to make sure that he comes up with new ideas and that the ideas are implemented. He believes that his success as an entrepreneur comes from the fact that he is an early riser. He plans his day in advance and makes sure that everything he has planned is executed on time. Edwin Miranda believes and planning and execution of ideas result in success.