Month: August 2019

Betsy DeVos Is A Political Fighter

Anyone who has had the opportunity to meet Betsy DeVos in person could tell you that she is a very polite character in person. She is someone that you would like to spend some time with. However, she is not always known for this when it comes to her public persona. She is made to […]

Steve Lesnard Zeroes in on Digital Marketing Techniques

Success in today’s digital world requires adherence to a certain type of brand philosophy. As we become more and more connected to the internet, the way that we market our goods and products must change. Steve Lesnard is a high-profile marketer and entrepreneur with extensive experience in the industry. As a professional entrepreneur with deep […]

Bernardo Chua Is Changing The Lives Of Families Around The World

Direct selling has the capability of changing the lives of people around the world and Bernardo Chua is one of the people that are helping to do just that as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ORGANO, a popular coffee company that distributes their products through direct selling. While there will always be challenges […]

Why Genucel By Chamonix Is Transparent About Their Ingredients And Business Practices

Millennials are now the largest generation of consumers in the United States. As a rule, they want more from the products they buy than previous generations did. They want the ingredients to be transparently listed, for example. Companies being transparent about their business practices is another thing Millennials want. It’s for these reasons and more […]

American Addiction Centers: Everyone Needs This Information

It’s not a stretch to say that everyone needs the information that is being put out there by the AAC (American Addiction Centers). It is because everyone either knows someone that is suffering from an addiction or maybe they are suffering from an addiction in silence. Many people with an addiction do not come forward […]

Beal Properties Is Reaching Out To Chicago Communities

There are citizens that are excited about what Beal Properties are doing in communities. This company is a Chicago-based business that is helping families find places to stay after hardships. Most neighborhoods are looking forward to gaining the help that Beal Properties are giving them. They move families to environment-friendly atmospheres that are great for […]


About Tj Maloney and His Time at Lincolnshire Management After earning a BA from Boston College and a JD from Fordham University, Tj Maloney began practicing merger, acquisition, and securities law. He quickly jumped in the finance industry in 1993 when he joined Lincolnshire Management Inc. Soon after, he was named Chairman and CEO of […]

Q & A with investor and businessman Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is an angel investor and businessman who works out of London and New York. Riva completed his education at the University of Oxford with an MBA and started working with some startups early in his career. After selling the business he owned in 2006, went on his journey as an investor. With a […]

OSI group; innovating the food market

OSI Group is the parent company of several different food Companies. These food companies operate under the OSI group as its subsidiaries. This giant in the global food market today started as a corner store selling meat in Chicago almost a century ago. At that time, it was operated solely by a family. Today, it […]

Advertising and Marketing Consultant Gustavo Martinez Apprediates People

Gustavo Martinez devotes 12 hours a day every day to his advertising and marketing consultancy business. Yet despite his grueling schedule, the prospect of burning-out doesn’t worry Martinez. Fatigue doesn’t overwhelm Martinez because he subscribes to the adage “If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in the life.”   Gustavo Martinez […]