About Tj Maloney and His Time at Lincolnshire Management

After earning a BA from Boston College and a JD from Fordham University, Tj Maloney began practicing merger, acquisition, and securities law. He quickly jumped in the finance industry in 1993 when he joined Lincolnshire Management Inc. Soon after, he was named Chairman and CEO of the firm.

When Tj Maloney isn’t working with one of the firm’s many portfolio companies, he giving lectures at prestigious universities. He’s even given a lecture at the Columbia University MBA Program. He loves going back to the universities that made him the man he is today. Fordham even awarded him the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award.

The company Tj Maloney currently works for; Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm that focuses on investing in middle-market companies. Using hands-on techniques and go-to-market strategies, Lincolnshire helps these companies grow before selling off their ownership; thereby, making a profit in a mutually beneficial way.

In recent news, Lincolnshire announced the addition of four new team members that will make the company better. Tj Maloney stated that all four members are some of the most talented professionals in their respective fields, and they’ll all be a part of Lincolnshire by the end of this year.

The four additions include Matthew Nacier, who’s joining as a Senior Associate; Nicolas Vega Llona, who’s also joining as a Senior Associate; Yashna Ginodia, who’s joining as an Analyst; and Georg Stolt-Nielsen, who’s also joining as an Analyst. They all have adequate experience, but Ginodia and Stolt-Nielsen only recently graduated from university.

Matthew Nacier used to work for Lincolnshire in 2014, as an Analyst. He did an internship at Lincolnshire and got offered the job when the internship ended. He left to pursue other opportunities but will return before the year’s out.

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