Choosing an Event Planner

Do you need to hire an event planner? It does not have to be difficult. Just follow these steps.

Know the objective of your event. Answer the questions who, what, when, where, how, and why before you consult a planner.

Know why you are hiring a planner. What services do you need a planner to provide? Will the planner choose the venue, send invitations, arrange entertainment or be present at the event?

How much will your event cost? Your planner can help you determine a budget.

Find a qualified planner by checking with professional affiliations or by asking the local chamber of commerce or hotel convention departments. Professional associations and organizations that use planners will know whom they trust.

Before choosing, interview a few. At first, be brief with your details. Focus on their expertise. Ask about experience and contingency plans. Listen to what they say. Then, provide details. Planners will ask questions. They need to know about your event.

It may be difficult, especially if your planner is from out-of-town, but it is important to meet your planner in person. Try to build rapport.

Check your planner’s references. Call past clients and read reviews.

After choosing your planner, listen to his ideas.

Ask for the planner’s total budget. Know all costs and fees up front.

Negotiate terms and review the fine print. Never sign a contract until you have had it examined by an attorney.

Confirm details. Check with suppliers and venues. Confirm that deposits are paid. Follow-through can prevent bad experiences.

Be prepared to fire or to rehire a planner. Patience is good, and misunderstandings happen, but be sure that you are receiving the services for which you pay.

If the planning process does not go well, find a new planner. If everything does go well, consider hiring the same planner for future events.







Now that you know how to choose a planner, here’s one to consider, especially if you need event planners in NYC.

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Twenty Three Layers will make planning your event a fun and worry-free experience.

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Cotemar is Setting High Standards in Mexican Offshore Oil Extraction Sector

Cotemar is a prominent Mexican company that has served the oil industry for more than 36 years. It offers a wide spectrum of services to PEMEX, ranging from developing and upgrading offshore oil fields, using advanced vessels and machinery. Some of the major strategic business divisions of Cotemar include food and lodging, air transportation, maintenance and engineering, maintenance construction, and marine operation. The firm is a giant in the offshore oil industry, spearheading the production of hydrocarbons by leveraging the effective processes executed by experienced individuals.

Cotemar’s subsidiaries

Cotemar has three subsidiaries that help in delivering state-of-the-art solutions and equipment to the oil sector on They are structured to address the specific problems that the clients face. They include Cocinas del Mar, Apoyo Logistico Marino, and SIPSA.

Cocinas del Mar

Cotemar offers its one of a kind accommodation services through this subsection. Accommodation and catering services are rendered on the numerous platforms and vessels operated by Cotemar. The platforms consist of cabins that can cater for the needs of 2 or 4 people. Additionally, the firm avails recreational areas, including cinemas, entertainment rooms, basketball courts, and gyms. Employees are responsible for providing food, laundry, cleaning of beddings, bedrooms, and washing of clothes.

The platforms and vessels operated by Cotemar have the capacity to offer first-class food and accommodation services to over 4,000 persons concurrently offshore. Safety is a valuable aspect that Cotemar has mastered to observe since its inception. The firm handles the procedure of receiving foodstuffs and other supplies with extra caution, ensuring highest standards of cleanliness and quality are maintained.

Apoyo Logistico Marino

Cotemar operates a logistic subsidiary known as Apoyo Logistico Marino. The firm has acquired and continues to acquire highly specialized vessels at It owns barges and tugboats, which transport huge structures needed for the production of hydrocarbons. It also has boats for transportation of abrasive materials in barite, sand, sludge, and in bulk. Combat boats are always on standby to respond to emergencies such as oil spills and fire. The firm has specialized vessel for transporting liquids and oils obtained from the platforms.


SIPSA is a giant when it comes to delivering groundbreaking services on including reconstruction and engineering of offshore processing plants. It has a highly equipped and experienced team of workers who can efficiently carry out high-performance tasks both offshore and onshore.

Solvy’s Love Of Helping Students With Math

Math is a topic that is not for everyone. That said, there is no topic that everyone is going to do well at. However, math seems to be the one topic that a lot of people have trouble with. While people can do well with addition and subtraction, it can get a little difficult for people to deal with the more complex equations of Algebra and Calculus.

According to All Business, Alexei Beltyukov has helped with the development of an app that is going to make sure that people understand what they are studying. Alexei has helped with the development of Solvy.

In class, it is not enough for people to know the answer to the math problems, it is important for people to demonstrate how they came to the solution to the problem. Solvy is able to help people come up with the solutions and also demonstrates the steps they have taken in order to find the solutions.

Fortunately, Solvy is an app that is not only good for helping students learn math, but also allowing their students to learn in ways that are simple. Also, teachers will gain a lot of benefits from this in that they can customize the types of homework assignments that students will get.

Alexei Beltyukov has had a diverse career. For one thing, he has started working in medicine. He has helped out in the healthcare field for a little bit.

One thing that he has learned about is marketing. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of business. One thing that Solvy needed was marketing in order to bring it to the level of success it needs.

Securus Video Visitation App Will Change Lives This Christmas

Christmas is celebrated by people in different parts of the globe. The holiday is considered as a special time where families can bond and celebrate together. However, when a loved one is in prison, the holiday can be lonely. Securus Technologies is a communication and technology provider, and it is planning to make the season better for the individuals who are incarcerated.


The new Securus video visitation application will transform the lives of many people, especially during the festive season. An advert from the company shows how a father and son speak to each other on Christmas day. Using the new application, the father watches happily as the child opens his Christmas gifts. The kid is very excited, and he doesn’t not care that the father is not close to him at the moment.


Every child wants to have a gift for Christmas that is given by the parents. When the parent is away, the parent can be frustrated, and the festive season might not be the best time for the child. It is amazing to see the child and father enjoy the seasons, regardless of the fact that the father is far away from home.


This Christmas, the technology company will allow the inmates and their families to speak and interact for a longer time. The application is already being used in the prisons, and it has changed the lives of many. The company understands the importance of the holiday, and they also know that children need their parents in this holiday. This was the reason behind developing the unique communication tool.


Securus Technologies offers its customers several other services too. The company recently invented the video messaging service. It is evident that individuals are busy most of the time looking for a living. They do not have a chance to respond to important phone calls when an inmate makes a call. It is now possible for families and friends to get messages from their loved ones who are in jail. The service is also cheaper compared to the calls, and this means that the inmates can save some money.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, and it has been very helpful to the inmates and their families. The company serves more than three thousand facilities in northern America.

JustFab, the Fabulous Journey

Starting out as the Chief Executive Officer and President of FitnessHeaven.Com. Mr. Ressler then moved on to Intermix where he was on the forefront in spearheading the core ventures that embraced shareholder value. And here, he met his to be long-term partner and friend and the co-founder of Intelligent Beauty- Adam Goldenberg (2010).

Don Ressler co-founded brand Ideas. He has raised over $100 million in capital for internet companies. At Intermix, he advocated for core ventures that enhanced the value of the shareholder and cofounded Alena media together with the skin care brand Hydroderm. In 2005, News Corporation acquired for over $650 million. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler later conceptualized and formed Intelligent Beauty.

TechStyle, then operating under the name JustFab, has received funding from US Venture Capital firm matrix partners in 2011($ 33 million). An additional 476 million came from Rho Ventures, Technology Crossover Ventures, and intelligent Beauty leading to the expansion of JustFab business to Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

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TechStyle in January 2013 went into the acquisition of children’s fashion subscription company Fabkids.It continued with its operations and expanded internationally into Spain and France-acquiring FabShoes in May 2013 on Shoe Dazzle was then acquired in August of the same year.

Acceleration of already fast-growth in international business and entering into new products was due to the company closing at $40 million as announced by the co-CEOs. An additional round of funding at $85 million was closed by the company in August 2014 which was led by Passport Special Opportunity Fund and the Participation from some investors such as matrix and the Shining capital.

JustFab set out as a business to come to the rescue of consumers by delivering trendy fashions at an incredible value. Along the way, the company expanded and grew in its operations, rebranding, merging with other companies just to mention a few transformations. JustFab and Fabletics (cofounded by Adan Ressler and Kate Hudson) are now inclusive brands under TechStyle and therefore this according to Ressler, it is a step towards the right direction. It gives the business, even more, muscle to carry out its functions and satisfy customers since then there a variety of products under its name.

TechStyle is set out in a business environment that provides for a good working environment and space for conducting business, and with a good market for their products.

Learn more about Don Ressler:

Successful Leadership Skills by Brian Bonar

The field of finance is gradually evolving, and many professionals take it as an investment. Brian Bonar is well known for his successful tips on business and finance. Being the leader of Trucept, he exudes high leadership skills and lessons.

Not only does Brian Bonar chair Trucept Incorporation but also, serves as a leader in Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian Bonar developed an interest in the field of finance and design at a young age where he could develop high-quality business structures that ended up being successful.

Early Life in School

At a very young age, Brian understood technical works. It is evident when he generated ideas on successful business structures. Brian Bonar, equipped with a good educational background, he attended the James Watt Technical College, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering. He furthered his education in Stafford Engineering where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1985. Brian Bonar is a multi-skilled top financial executive based in California, San Diego.

Brian Bonars’ Career

According to PRNewswire, Brian was a procurement manager at IBM where he executed excellent leadership skills for twenty years. He joined QMS organization as the Engineering Director managing over 100 employees by developing good successful business tips to run the team.

He moved to Adaptec and served as a Sales Manager from 1990 to 1991, where he paved his way to founding his company, Bezier System in September 1994. Bezier System launched a laser printer with a Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) foundation. At the time, the SCSI was an innovation to the world of technology.

The Bezier System was California-based and headquartered in San Jose. Bezier System specialized in laser printer controller’s generation. Brian Bonar is an expert in a wide range of topics including:
• Global Business
• Restructuring
• Business Planning
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Lead Generation
• Small firms and executives
• Venture Capital
• Private Equity
• Due Diligence

Besides, Bonar has a broad knowledge about SaaS (Software as a Service). Therefore, finance oriented people can depend on his comprehensive and varied information on financial matters.

Over his financial career, Brian Bonar developed an excellent reputation as a head cheerleader who inspired people to set and achieve set goals. He worked as a team player by ensuring that his team members, clients, and partners meet their aspirations.

Brian Bonar at Trucept Incorporated

Working as the manager at Trucept Incorporated, the creative genius developed helpful solutions to small and medium companies. Trucept Incorporated assists companies with the management of payrolls. Their mission is to support businesses to concentrate on the business concept while Trucept handles the remaining projects.

Trucept develops plans and suggestions with a careful consideration of the companies’ qualities and work conditions.