Madison Street Capital, The Greatest Private Real Estate Company Of All Times

Madison Street Capital is a private real estate investment firm whose inception took place in 2005. In the more than ten years that this company has been in existence, it has seen to it that residents of the United States of America have access to modern and affordable houses. Its residential units extend to Chinatown, offering leased accommodation to immigrants of Asian origin.



In addition to housing investment, Madison Street Capital has broad knowledge and experience in engaging top investment banking firms. In the few years, it has been in operation; this company has coined deals with enterprises and people of all financial backgrounds. It helps clients in need of prime real estate by providing them with sufficient advice that will make their property acquisition exercises fruitful. Guided by the principles of integrity, excellence, leadership and service, Madison Street Capital reputation has grown over time.



It helps link you the client with financial institutions able to offer you monetary aid so as to able to advance your real estate expectations. However, MSC can never be held liable for any wrongdoing during these deals. MSCs grasp is experienced on a global scale since this company also has global engagements especially in the fields of monitoring and evaluation, placements of private debts, raising if capital for projects, valuation, restructuring of systems and ESOP advisory.



Some of the clients that MSC has helped succeed in its years of operations range from startups to middle market businesses. As a reputable institution, it has some of the best professionals in the industry today. For this reason, these corporate employees can mediate on your behalf so as to get the best possible deal.



Besides, Madison Street Capital has been very involved in humanitarian issues. To this end, MSC provides emergency assistance to regions within the United States of America that might be subject to a catastrophe. As a result, MSC has come up with a fund labeled United Ways so as to help afflicted parties rebuild their lives.



Finally, MSC supports organizations on the verge of financial destruction get back on their feet. It does this by restructuring existing systems so as to come up with a highly efficient mechanism that reduces on wastage but encourage productivity at the same time. Therefore, Madison Street Capital is a company that has diversified its efforts so as to ensure that people within its reach get the best of services.


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Anthony Petrello Views His Challenges As Opportunities:

Anthony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company, which Anthony Petrello oversees, and executes strategy, owns and operates the most significant, oil and gas, land-based drilling rig fleet, on an international basis.

Nabors Industries, too, is a major provider of drilling rigs, for off-shore well-drilling activities. The rigs are located within the U.S. and other global markets.

Nabors Industries, is known as a provider of directional drilling services and other state-of-the art technologies.

The technologies, as it pertains to oil and gas well drilling service, manufacture and provision are scattered throughout many areas of the world. The technologies of the company are provided to the foremost areas of the industry.

The company, under Petrello’s direction, makes it, its objective, to provide its clientele with a highly expert labor force. It is continually setting new and favorable standards. It strives to continually achieve operational excellence: In doing so, it is changing the industry, in a most positive way.

Anthony Petrello, as CEO of Nabors Industries, oversees many areas of the international company. Some of the areas which Anthony Petrello provides leadership are as follows:

-Offshore Drilling,

-Software Applications, in order to provide precise placement and a smooth job is performed;

-Land Drilling;

-Directional Drilling;

-and more.

The wellbore placement is of prime importance to the labor staff and Anthony Petrello.

Wellbore placement is a “precision process:” It is conducted in a strategic manner, in order to assure there is no risk of poor placement. It is the objective of Mr. Anthony Petrello and Nabors Industries to assure safer and more productive wells result.

The high-end technology, which Anthony Petrello accepts, with regard to placement, assures the confidence of the customer and the operator, alike. Oil recovery is held to optimum standards of excellence, under the leadership of Anthony Petrello.

Mr. Petrello, prior to his engagement at Nabors Industries, worked for the highly prestigious international law firm of Baker & McKenzie. At Baker & McKenzie, Anthony Petrello, held the favorable post, of Managing Partner.

Academically-speaking, Anthony Petrello attained two Mathemantical Degrees from the Ivy League College of Yale University. One Degree is a B.S. Degree in Mathematics; and the other Degree is an M.S. Degree in Mathematics. Mr. Petrello, then, matriculated to Harvard Law School. While at Harvard, Anthony Petrello earned a J.D.

Too: Anthony Petrello is a Director for Stewart and Stevenson. Stewart and Stevenson provides equipment and aftermarket parts to industries such as: the gas and oil industry, the transportation industry, the power-generation industry and more.

He is a Director, too, at the prestigious healthcare institution of: Texas Children’s Hospital. The hospital is a superior pediatric healthcare institution, providing exceptional healthcare services, to children as well as women.

Anthony Petrello, has many challenges, as CEO of Nabors Industries. However, he is very well-suited to the post. Mr. Petrello possesses good experience in way of communication–due to his post at Baker McKenzie, and his academic years spent at: Harvard Law School.

He communicates, successfully and soundly, with corporate governance, the world over–as it applies to his post at: Nabors Industries. He communicates with his highly qualified staff and co-peers inside of Nabors Industries.

He plays a major role, too, within the community that he resides: as it pertains to his activity of Director at Texas Children’s Hospital and other community-based events. It is his elaborate communicative skill-set that allows Nabors Industries, to continue to move forward.

When it comes to challenge, Anthony Petrello is not shy about “stepping up to the plate.” He views his challenges as opportunities: Suffice it to say, if all of the rest of us could have such a favorable attitude; certainly, the world, as a whole, would be made much more harmonious.

New Website Help Customers Acquire Gold And Silver With Ease.

We all know that Gold, Silver and Platinum have been hailed as recession proof assets. You hear it all the time on the television, radio and even in social media. People say it all the time, invest in gold and silver. The real problem is that most people have no idea where to buy these currencies or have any information about them. Lucky for all of us, there is U.S. Money Reserve. Another thing that is great for buyers of gold and silver is the fact that U.S. Money Reserve just created a new e-commerce coin catalogue and updated their website. This update features important information about gold, silver and platinum coins and bars. The new website is easy to use and very consumer friendly. It provides information about the products that is detailed and can help the collector to get a grip in the overall market and the products being offered for sale on the site.


As you might know, U.S. Money Reserve is a leader in the industry of precious metals. This is in part due to the company’s outstanding experts. For example, the President, Philip N. Diehl is a former U.S. Mint Director. His experience means that coin and bullion buyers can rest assured that they are getting the most accurate information and the highest quality gold, silver and platinum available for purchase.The new catalogue and website is a tool that allows U.S. Money Reserve to offer the highest quality information across all of the platforms their clients are using. With this new access, every person can collect some of the world’s most precious metals using a state of the art secure storefront.


With the new website, U.S. Money Reserve can ship gold, silver and platinum to anywhere. As a collector you can have the coins or bars shipped to your home, office or somewhere else. You can even buy the collections as a gift and have them shipped to their new owner. The website was designed with the user and collector in mind. You can see the latest updates on gold and silver process and more simply by a visit to the new site. While you are at the site you can even sign up for a free gold information kit. Keep in mind that you can make a purchase from the secure website at anytime or you can simply read up on all the information, the choice is yours.

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San Diego Financier Invests with Finesse

The investment world is as vast as it is complicated. Spanning a range of industries, investors must be tuned to adapt at any given moment. For finance is the deft thread that binds commerce in all capacities, yet it hinges upon the slightest of nuances.

Due to the fickle nature of societal trends, financiers carry quite a burden. Successful financial leadership is contingent on diversification in synergy with boldness. It takes a certain set of characteristics to be an aficionado.

Brian Bonar, situated in San Diego, is one such financier. As Chairman of Delrada Financial, he has championed many unique client solutions. Specifically, Bonar’s business focus is directed towards supplemental insurance, tax strategies, and debit cards/payroll.

Although his accomplishments speak for themselves, Bonar was awarded the Cambridge’s Who’s Who “Executive of the Year” award, solidifying his stalwart status.

The natural inclination is to ponder through preconceptions. How did Brian Bonar achieve such prestige? The answer is in his education and dedication. From 1963-1969 Bonar studied mechanical engineering at James Watt Technical College. Then, between 1973 and 1985, Bonar completed his post-graduates studies at Stafford to achieve a masters in the subject.

While mechanical engineering seems a bit strange considering that he leads a financial firm, the nature of the subject is still applicable. Mechanical engineering education first focuses on foundational logic; subsequently, the masters-portion requires the tenacity to provide oft complicated solutions: outside of the box thinking.

Bonar does not limit his career-capacity to Dalrada, either. While working on his masters degree, Bonar was an employee of IBM, the famed microchip/computer creator. At IBM, he was specifically tasked with motherboard outsourcing. Perhaps this helped broaden the scope of his expertise regarding direct business dealings.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has also served at Allegiant Professional Business Services, AMS Outsourcing, ITEC Image Technologies, Adaptec, Bezier Systems, QMS, and Rastek Corporation. The financier currently enjoys employment as CEO and Chairmen of Trucept, an Escondido based company.

Though his business accolades speak for themselves, Bonar still has a life. He is a family man, enjoying golfing and boating in his free time. In addition to his direct business savvy and employment, Bonar brings his abilities to the table through financial advising.

Evolution of Smooth: How EOS Outdid Chapstick and Became the Best Selling Lip Balm

Almost everyone is familiar with EOS lip balms (or Evolution of Smooth, as the company is properly called). They are orb-shaped, pastel-colored containers of fantastic smelling and unique lip balms. And they are everywhere. From the aisles of drug stores, Ulta and big box stores to celebs’ purses and beauty blogs, EOS lip balms are everywhere.

But little was known about how EOS came onto the market and became a massive success in such a short period of time – until now. In this exclusive interview with Fast Company, the company founders reveal some of the secrets of their strategy and their success.

Evolution of started with an idea, as most company’s do, and that idea was to shake up a stale industry. Lip balm has been sold, packaged, and marketed the same way essentially since it was invented more than a century ago. Clinical and usually unisex, lip balm nearly always comes in little, cylindrical tubes, or, occasionally, round tins.

To mix it up, the founders knew they needed to come up with a new form of lip balm without creating a gimmick or a passing fad, and so the iconic EOS lip balm orbs came to life. Designed to engage all five senses, the EOS container utilized shape, color, smell, and even texture to provide a new experience.

Another key aspect of their success was selecting a target demographic – in this case, millennial women. While women are the primary purchasers of lip balm, the product is oftentimes marketed as unisex or only sort of at women. EOS, however, knew they wanted to market their product to women and made efforts to engage with women via multiple channels, such as social media and blogs.

By decisively choosing a market and connecting with it, EOS has found success in an over-saturated market. In just seven years, EOS has become the second best-selling lip balm brand, surpassed only by Burt’s Bees, and the company is expected to continue growing in the future.

To read more about EOS and the company’s rise to success, find the full interview here. To learn more visit the EOS website.

Dick DeVos – Supporting Various Charitable Causes Selflessly And Relentlessly

Dick DeVos is a highly respected and popular businessman and philanthropist in the United States. He, along with his wife, Betsy DeVos, has been in the news lately for their political funding and supporting political causes. Both Dick and Betsy DeVos support numerous charitable organizations and have their charity organization named Dick and Betsy Foundation. The couple has made generous donations of over $139 million in their lifetime, and they haven’t stopped yet. They are committed to the causes they support and firmly believe they can make a difference through persistence and perseverance, regardless the struggle.



Dick and Betsy made donations of around $11.6 million in 2015 to support various causes through their foundation. Betsy DeVos made campaign backed political contributions of $5.3 Million to influence the education reform DeVoses have been fighting for long. Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos Sr, who is the co-founder of Amway Corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of household, personal care, and consumer products.



Dick DeVos joined Amway Corporation in 1974 and served in various positions for the next ten years to understand the work culture, company’s different products, its business model, and to get the sense of the ethos of the company from scratch. In 1984, Dick DeVos was promoted to the post of Amway Corporation’s Vice President. As Vice President of the Corporation, he was responsible for managing the enterprise’s operation in 18 countries and helping it expand and generate higher revenue that he successfully achieved.



However, Dick DeVos left Amway in 1989 to found his company, Windquest Group, which deals in closet, foldable and storage organizers. He currently serves as the President of Windquest Group. He also holds many other positions, which include being the founder and Chairman of West Michigan Aviation Academy, Co-Chairman at Grand Action Committee, Vice Chairman of Willow Creek Association, and Board of Directors of Michigan Chamber of Commerce. Dick DeVos has also served as a trustee on the board of The Thunderbird School of International Management and as the President and CEO of Orlando Magic franchise that his father purchased in 1991.



One of the primary focuses of Dick and Betsy Family Foundation is reforming the education system in the United States. Dick DeVos and his wife made donations of $3 Million towards education in the year 2015. The primary focus of the couple is to support educational reform and support charitable organizations that are active in improving the education system and helping meritorious students get the means to pursue higher education. Dick and Betsy also co-chair the Economic Freedom Fund that helps in providing monetary support to students who are meritorious. Few of the organizations they support includes Compass College of Cinematic Arts, Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Living, Northwood University, and more.


The world has seen the rise of many innovative, creative and curious scientists who research various aspects of science and make huge contributions. According to Impact Journals, Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of them. His research interests include molecular and cellular biology, signal transduction, cell cycle, oncogenes and tumor suppressors and anti-cancer therapeutics.

He aims at understanding aging and cancer, two of the largest dilemmas in the world today. One of his main achievements is the development of a hypothesis about the possible role of Target Of Rapamycin (TOR) in the aging of humans and other organisms.

According to Mikhail Blagosklonny, TOR, being a nutrient sensing path, determines how an organism’s body coordinates growth and aging. He argues that aging results from cellular senescence. This is the continuous development of the cells even after the organism has reached its maximum development stage.

It leads to overworking of the cells thus blocking the feedback pathways and further impairing their functioning. This leads to cell deterioration, aging and age-related diseases which may cause organ damage and even death due to lack of homeostasis.

Since TOR is triggered by nutrients, insulin and growth factors, it causes cell-hyper-function. As such, TOR presence is directly related to every age-related disease. From his findings, he proposed that a cancer drug called rapamycin may be a possible treatment for life extension.

Mikhail Blagosklonny currently works at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York as a professor of Oncology. He began this job on April 2009 when he was appointed as an associate professor. At the facility, he facilitates the development of innovative cancer treatments, prevention methods and anti-cancer stratagem.

When he is not teaching at the institute, he is editing scholarly research articles. He is the Founding editor and Editor-in-chief of Cell Cycle and co-editor and Co-founder of Aging, Oncotarget and Oncoscience.

A master’s degree in internal medicine and PHD in experimental medicine and cardiology, both from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg, laid a great foundation for Mikhail’s career.

He began his teaching career at The New York Medical College in Valhalla in 2002 when he was appointed associate professor of medicine. He worked there until 2009.

Anthony Petrello: Oil Industry Leader And Texas Children’s Hospital Philanthropist

Anthony Petrello heads up one of the nation’s most prestigious oil drilling companies, Nabors Industries. Nabors is based in Houston and has built one of the largest rig fleets both in land and offshore operations, and has a lot of investors that own shares of its stock. As Chairman of Nabors, Petrello helps plan strategic initiatives for the company in order to maximize drilling production and attract more investments in the company. He’s led investments into both drilling operational technology, and the development of proprietary software and automated technology. Petrello has been with Nabors since 1991 and is also on the boards of several other organizations including Stewart & Stevenson and Hilcorp.

Petrello is originally from Newark, NJ and as a young man thought he might go into a career related to mathematics. He excelled at the subject in high school and was able to get a scholarship to Yale University where he studied under world famous math Professor Serge Lange. Petrello graduated with high honors in both his bachelor’s and master’s degree, but he decided not to pursue a career in the field and opted to go into law instead. After getting a J.D. from Harvard, he joined Baker & McKenzie law firm in New York where he practiced corporate law for about 13 years. He became a partner at the firm in 1986. But he changed careers yet again in 1991 after Nabors Industries offered him a position as Chief Operating Officer. 20 years later Petrello became Chairman and CEO of Nabors.

Anthony Petrello is also on the Board of Trustees at the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston helping to raise awareness and fundraising for neurological disorders. He joined this endeavor because he and his wife Cynthia Petrello have a daughter of their own named Carena who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was born. He was told that there were no treatments available that could help Carena’s condition, so he decided to look into neurological research and help fund programs that might lead to cures. He met Dan and Jan Duncan who had also taken a keen interest in neurological diseases and research for cures, and with a generous gift to TCH’s research facility it was renamed in their honor. Petrello also made a donation of $7 million to research and he hopes more people understand the importance of helping these young children.

Traveling Vineyard Brings Delicious Wine Right to Our Living Rooms

Times have surely changed drastically. Women have different interests from those of the past. Tupperware and makeup are no longer the cool product party every woman is scrambling to host. Ask almost any woman what she wants, what she loves, and the answer is probably going to be “wine”.

Now there’s a way women can spread the happiness of wine far and wide. The Traveling Vineyard is a great way to earn money and have fun selling a product you believe in while creating a customer base that will keep coming back for more. The Traveling Vineyard can help make those ends meet plus some.

The Traveling Vineyard’s business model is infallible. People love wine. If they buy wine they’re sure to drink it, and that means they’ll be wanting more. And why wouldn’t they? The Traveling Vineyard offers 21 varieties of wine. Whether you love white or red or sweet and fizzy there’s bound to be a wine for everybody at a very reasonable price. Their wines are priced between $14 and $25. A delicious, consumable product at a reasonable price also means your customers will be calling you soon after to restock. That’s good news for everyone!


Reviews from current Traveling Vineyard members reveals that it’s not just a job or just a company. They feel that Traveling Vineyard is a family.

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Securus Technologies – GTL Inaccuracies 43

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make in the business world is making bad decision concerning public communication. There are so many ways to communicate with the public today that companies sometimes allow the wrong information to get out into the public. Usually many companies will use a press release to send out information for public consumption. The press release is a time tested method of providing information to the public.


However, if not handled properly, a press release can become more of a problem than a communication method. Recently GTL sent out a press release that became the topic of public conversation. The press release did not place the company in the best light. The press release contained GTL’s version of a dispute between Securus Technologies and GTL. The dispute concerned matters related to technology patent right issues between the two companies.


In the press release, GTL made many claims against Securus Technologies related to the technology patent rights dispute. Once Securus Technologies found out about the press release, Securus Technologies sent out its own press release in response. In its press release, Securus Technologies offered its thoughts on the claims made by GTL. Securus Technologies made it a point to state that the claims made by GTL were not based on accurate information and contained information that was not exactly correct.


I believe that Securus Technologies was able to defend itself successfully in the public eye against the claims made by GTL. Securus Technologies was able to point out what it felt were the issues with the press release sent out by GTL.


Securus Technologies  is a technology company that has an outstanding reputation in the markets that it serves.